The Hunan boys when treating AIDS awarded more than 40 parents appeal (video) crycry

The Hunan boys when treating AIDS awarded more than 40 parents appealed the original title: boy when treating AIDS awarded more than 40 times JINGWAH news November 3rd 9 year old boy Andy (pseudonym) in the treatment of HIV infection during the family to hospital and the blood bank claims the case, the court of first instance verdict Andy recently awarded 40 yuan. After the verdict, Andy parents refused to accept. Yesterday afternoon, Andy parents appeal. The prosecution of 5 unit of claim 1 million 152 thousand and 14 years on January 3rd at 4:30 in the afternoon, the first grade primary school Andy home after school, was a tractor down the road, resulting in urethral rupture, normal urination and defecation. Andy Andy mother said, due to massive bleeding, hospital the next day to the children lost 4 bags of blood, a total of 400 ml. A month later, he passed the dangerous period. Court mediation, the driver compensation 120 thousand yuan. Andy mother didn’t go to work, she took the children to do surgery in the hospital has South City People’s Hospital, Hunan Children’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Affiliated Renji Hospital, repair the urethra and rectum. Hunan Children’s Hospital in April 23, 2014 to submit the medical records show that HIV antibody, to be reviewed. In June last year, the city people’s hospital inspection report showed that Andy human immunodeficiency virus antibody, to be reviewed. In July 8th, Andy was the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention were infected with the AIDS virus. His mother said, the child is so small, there can be no sexual behavior. Subsequently, Andy parents were examined, the results showed there were no HIV carriers, "Andy operation input 4 bags of blood, blood transfusion infection should be". When Andy in the city people’s Hospital lost 4 bags of blood for the blood center, blood products produced by Shandong Taibang Biological Products Co. ltd.. Because of that blood, Andy parents City People’s Hospital, blood center and blood products company to court, claims more than 115 yuan. In the prosecution stage, city people’s Hospital, in addition to Andy in their hospital, went to Hunan Children’s Hospital and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Renji Hospital Affiliated south hospital for treatment, do not rule out the possibility of infection. Subsequently, the two additional Andy parents sued the hospital. Since October 18th, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City People’s Court of first instance verdict, the court ordered the defendant to prove their own responsibility. The court held that this case is the burden of proof, if the defendant cannot prove that Andy infection unrelated, it is presumed that Andy relating to HIV infection. Zhangjiajie blood as Andy’s blood supply unit, did not provide evidence that the use of Andy’s blood does not carry the virus, although whether the application of blood for blood donors to my blood and blood sample of AIDS antibody lose Andy, but refused to take blood samples of blood donors, led to the identification can not be. The hospital is responsible for Zhangjiajie People’s Hospital blood validity, type of check, but it did not submit evidence to prove the validity of the model, the blood check, therefore does not do the verification responsibility, has the fault in the process of diagnosis and treatment. Hunan Children’s Hospital did not submit evidence to confirm whether the medical instruments used in the medical process strict disinfection, in addition to the hospital to detect Andy HIV AIDS相关的主题文章: