The Huangpu River tide comprehensive break through the cordon of the flood control department launch

The Huangpu River tide comprehensive flood control department started to break through the cordon of morning news reporter yesterday learned from the municipal flood control office of emergency response, by the strong typhoon malakas and flood season this year, eighth astronomical high tide of the Huangpu River, yesterday morning tide comprehensive breakthrough warning line, the flood control departments promptly launched the flood prevention and emergency response grade, timely close all kinds of tide gate, the city did not occur such as tidal intrusion accidents. According to the municipal flood control information center survey report yesterday at 1:20 in the morning, the Huangpu River Wusong tide level of 4.99 meters, 0.19 meters above the warning line; 2, Suzhou Huangpu River Estuary Tidal measured up to 4.88 meters, 0.33 meters higher than the warning; 3:30, the upper reaches of the Huangpu River in Songjiang were crossing the measured water level of 4.27 meters, 0.47 meters higher than the warning. According to the forecast, today and tomorrow afternoon tide and Zichao will exceed the warning line, then the line of flood control wall will undergo the severe test, part of the river ferry will be temporarily suspended. City flood control headquarters yesterday to maintain 8 Blue flood typhoon warning signal, and again asked the flood control departments at all levels and all units must continue to maintain a high alert, comprehensive inspection and implement defensive measures to ensure the safety of flood control in the city. Hot news: Shanghai 2040 planning interpretation: Shanghai actively prosperity retreat this month Shanghai amount will increase more than 1000 transaction settlement date has been adjusted to resolve the housing bubble risk and how to avoid the tune higher Jiangwan in sheep grazing place tight enclosure neighbor people Shanghai District Changning Xin Lan District murder of the deceased son by the police to control the weather forecast Shanghai: windy weather continued to the end of September or the hot weather tonight相关的主题文章: