The hide in praise of Xu Haofeng Zhang Aoyue shot in spring and summer

The "hide" in praise of Xu Haofeng Zhang Aoyue and fixing director Xu Haofeng in "the" studio "hide" the hiding all kill youth Zhang Aoyue in the summer of November 24th, the "hide" the crew finished the last scene, the whole group of fixing. Director Xu Haofeng wrote long "today" and proud month fixing spring and summer, spring and summer and praising the actor Zhang Aoyue. Today’s youth summer month and kill Ao Wen Xu Haofeng crank up the play today. Fourteen degrees below zero in the mountains yesterday, today, minus nine degrees, the days of snow must be cold. I expect the summer red Zhang Aoyue not to dress the upper fixing in the evening, before three pm. But the pride month survived in the off dinner drink liquor, also offered to the dance group. Wonderful. This terrible strength, no wonder is the Lord of the dance, a moon is worthy of Zhang Aoyue. More than and 100 days, every time for actors, I always say "XYZ is indeed a certain ah!" Director, is the use of self-esteem to work. Fortunately, in the pride of heavy actors. All of my college education, directors and actors have to keep their distance, and they have the imagination, imagination and magic. Twenty years ago, the university classroom, the teacher told us: "you and kiss me, actor address each other as brothers, your movie is not good." So, later, when a reporter asked me: "why do you film actress are unique luster?" My standard answer is: "because I don’t talk to them." My teacher is very pleased with me. My college teacher in charge of Jiang Shixiong and Zheng Dongtian, the University for four years, Zheng teacher never gave me a face, touch the campus, my passion is called "teacher zheng!" Zheng: "you fly blind walk what?" From the campus sight to his figure, I turned and fled. My youth, all trouble, but it is behind Zheng help, said talented children hate to be magnanimous, art colleges. Jiang teacher always think I am not fit for university examination when the director, when resistance recruited me. After that, the entrance ceremony, she frankly told me, scared me. But I’m her student. She’ll be kind to me. When a young man, was treated, the mentality of life is not the same. When I was director of a kind of enjoyment, is looking at others. The greatest virtue I learned with my teacher, is the heart of love, see the talented person perfect talent, really happy. The director and the actor is a distant imagination of the chemical relationship, select the angle, the director looked at an actor’s photo said, I have no imagination for him (her)." Deputy director will know that the actor is gone. Tony Leung [micro-blog] told me that the best actor, is willing to own as a child, to the child’s sense of life. My understanding is that the child is characterized by joy, even show pain, and with great joy to play, can the pain penetrates even into the marrow. The director wants to give the actors pleasure. I am a stuffy house, when the director really reluctantly. The upper part of the movie "master", Jiang Wenli to get back, I don’t provide)相关的主题文章: