The electric car light frequent the streets of Fuzhou as a new road killer ca1477

The electric car light into the streets of Fuzhou are frequent North Road, new road killer street, many electric cars converted light businesses to sell the LED light when the reporter unannounced visits, business to show the modified effect of Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Gongzhang Wen Xiao Chun road map on the sea are reported yesterday, a number of people to reflect: Recently, Fuzhou the streets of many electric cars secretly install "light" light is more dazzling than cars, because electric car number, the route is more casual, harm of light more than the car headlights. They called for market regulators should intervene to strengthen supervision from the source. Where do these bright lights come from? Who is in sales, modification? Yesterday, the reporter conducted a survey. Public: electric cars hit the "dazzle" fear of a deadly car last night, I ride in Hua Ping Road, non motorized Road, encountered a "retrograde with light" of the electric car, light dazzling let me in front of the flower, almost hit the fences!" Yesterday, the public Wang call the sea are reported, the electric light to harm. Last week, the public Miss Chen is also almost electric car light damage. Miss Chen said, that night, she was driving down a road 54, is a retrograde electric light flash eye, when you see a light to me, I was scared to slam the brakes, to look elsewhere, but there is no accident, too dangerous!" Last night, our reporter in the Fuzhou street to visit, to take a lot of installation of light electric vehicle. These lights are composed of a number of LED bulbs, the brightness is very high, very far from the distance, the impact on pedestrians, vehicle drivers. Some people pointed out that these electric light is not the original vehicle with, but the illegal business is now a large number of electric vehicles, driving route, free, often retrograde, running red lights, under the banner of "light" harm than the car headlights more. Business: open sales, installation of ignoring the security tips of these electric cars where the lights come from? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to sea fufei road in the vicinity of the electric vehicle sales concentrated area, town. In an electric car Xinyi customer service shop clerk recommended a price of 40 yuan light to reporters, this product is composed of 4 LED bulb, can be purchased to provide installation service. The reporter then interviewed a number of electric car repair shop, the shop are selling electric car lights. Reporter asked, "how bright light?" To sell their products, a merchant said, "the original vehicle with lights, to comply with the provisions of the state, the light is not bright enough; it does not matter, as long as there is a need, we have some bright lights, headlights brighter than a car." In a number of shops, the shop staff have referred to a called Devil eyes, bright lights, which is also a shop to show the kind of reporters. This is a strong light, the appearance is round, the central light bulb for the red, the outer bulb has two kinds of white, blue, irradiation distance of up to twenty or thirty meters away. In addition, the lamp with light, flashing function. The clerk then showed reporters the devil eye effect – although the day, but when the lights.相关的主题文章: