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The "deep" havoc in the mainland 11.15 Wahlberg show – Sohu Chinese gushing released the "deep" catastrophe "entertainment to death" version of a given file poster from the public platform fire escape [HD Photo] Click to enter the entertainment Sohu based on actual events of the movie "deep" havoc, directed by the film "super battleship". The famous Hollywood director Peter – Berg, "Transformers 4", "turn", "Tactic bear" actor Mark Wahlberg John also invited to join the strength, "Dylan Obrien, mobile labyrinth" Golden Globe Award for best actress Gina – Rodriguez, Kate Hodson, Kurt Russell and the old drama of bone with two Oscar Oscar Malkovich co starred in. In the film today released the notice given file, the actor Mark Wahlberg announced that the film will appear in November 15th to meet with the audience at the same time China, and trailer released along with the fixed gear posters also heighten the overall texture and tone of the film, is bound by the most shocking scene and extreme visual effects, reproduction of "Mexico six years ago Gulf oil spill disaster" event.     "straight" Mark – Wahlberg announced the schedule Chinese thanks to "shy" inexplicable sense of adorable in the trailer at the beginning, the actor Mark Wahlberg will appear in the lens, with a "upright" point of view to say hello to everyone, so straight "self" level, add a hat to hide the wild hair and beard to grow, people can not help but think of Mark’s "straight" reached a peak. It is as expected, "upright" Mark – Wahlberg Said Hello everyone: "you may have seen me in the" Transformers "or" Teddy bear ", but the film" deep "catastrophe will show a different I", and said the film is based on real events, the reduction of the Mexico in 2010 the stunning Bay disaster, I hope you go to the cinema in November 15th a lot of support, and in the final with Chinese said "thank you to everyone". But before the formal speech and feeling different, perhaps is not familiar with the Chinese, Mark was somewhat shy, so rough shape collocation, adorable touch point. Between heaven and earth "flame flower bloom and despair abyss" mind "we can see that the file in the trailer – Mark Wahlberg plays Mike as usual to the familiar" Deepwater Horizon, but they do not know the work of follow the prescribed order, the drilling platform has become an unstable "bomb", an underwater "hell gate" is slowly opened, the ancient "demon" spit out a string of bubbles seem to wait. The disaster comes suddenly, the pressure gauge pointer and disorderly fibrillation, pressure rivet Danfei, gushing oil drilling platform up, each layer to sway around countless oil, like a deadly black flowers in the dark sea slowly blooming. Being with family video Mike felt around the abnormal air waves lift to react the explosion he was flying, the drilling platform has become a hot world most dazzling "flame flower", and we have to do is to bloom in it.相关的主题文章: