The CPC Beichen Municipal Committee informed on patrol rectification 97179

The CPC Beichen Municipal Committee on patrol rectification briefing in accordance with the unified deployment of municipal inspections, four municipal inspection group in Beichen district were "looking back" special inspections, and the feedback of the inspection opinions. Beichen district Party Committee attaches great importance to patrol the rectification work, and resolutely fulfill the responsibility to manage the party rule, the Party committee responsible comrades to strictly implement the duties of the first responsible person, in accordance with the "six" requirements of the development of the reform program, a clear mandate, compaction responsibility, rectification work to achieve substantive results. Public affairs in accordance with the principles and requirements of patrol work, now patrol the rectification be published. On the weakening of the leadership of the party, Party leadership core role play is not enough to solve the problem of inspection teams feedback "Party committee’s decision to deploy often" obstruction "problem, strictly implement democratic centralism, perfect Party committee work rules, increase the Party Committee decision to deploy the implementation of the completion of the general inspection, the town Party committee, discipline leadership, carry out in the end provide organizational guarantee for the Party Committee decision to deploy. According to the inspection teams feedback "individual team members believe in the" good "," do not want to face the problem, the problems encountered on the push pull down problems, carry out criticism and self-criticism, improve the supervision system to promote the decision-making District, Chaoyang Road and other key projects to achieve a breakthrough in the development of 3 level cadres of buck passing the organization adjustment. According to the inspection teams feedback "discipline and rules consciousness, not in place" the system of executive candidates, strengthen ideological and political construction, strict implementation of leading cadres personal matters reporting system; to promote the harmonious relocation, properly handle the reasonable demands of the masses; individual units are not strong to the inspection team noted that the discipline rules consciousness is mainly responsible serious processing; strictly enforce the avoidance system, rectification digestion super prepared cadres, properly handled 127 cases of cadres and staff problems (ren). At the same time, to carry out investigation to verify the 27 clues to the problem of inspection teams, has gone through 15, given party discipline 1 people, organizations dealing with 3 people, and another 2 pieces have been placed on file for review. On the construction of the party is missing, the role of grassroots organizations fighting is not strong to solve the problem of inspection teams feedback "team members to run loose, loss of" vanguard role, "four standard four" to strengthen party daily education and management, to further standardize the development of Party members, Party members to carry out organizational relationship investigation focused on 23. Unqualified members were removed from the treatment. According to the feedback of inspection teams "village cadres of discipline problems have occurred, some village organizations are weak and lax problems", the layers of compacted grassroots party building to strengthen rural party responsibility, the introduction of the "1+5" file, in-depth implementation of good village, village people strong strategy, serious processing base "flies type of corruption, weak and lax regulation 13 grass-roots party organizations. On the comprehensive strictly ineffective, "two responsibility may not be implemented to solve the problem of inspection teams feedback" the main responsibility for virtual cavitation, did not fall off the fine deep bottom ", earnestly implement the responsibility to manage the party rule, supervise team members strictly fulfill a pair of responsibility, draw profound lessons of the typical cases, the main responsibility for the implementation of self-examination," four form "self correction activities, complete.相关的主题文章: