The country’s first double lung transplant couples married love for their wedding preparation ghost observer

The country’s first double lung transplant husband and wife marriage love for its preparation for the wedding of Modern Express (reporter Zhu Jingrun). After falling in love with you, you are my only hope……" Not long ago, the Modern Express reported the country’s first couple of double lung transplantation is about to get married, once the generation of lifesaving medicine "matchmaker", touching story of many caring people to help prepare for the wedding. In November 18th, Shen Jianfeng, a double lung transplant who share weal and woe three years Wei Jing formally entered the marriage hall, this special wedding ceremony also attracted a lot of attention caring people. A wedding to help the people of the famous expert Chen Jingyu, vice president of lung transplantation in people’s Hospital of Wuxi city and many domestic and foreign experts to the scene to congratulate Chen Jingyu lung transplantation, as the couple benefactor, married the couple who share weal and woe, tells a touching story of the couple from the fight to meet and fall in love behind. Modern Express reporter learned that, in Chen Jingyu’s calls for love, not only the day of the wedding wedding, wedding ring and other programs have been implemented. Money for the wedding, Wuxi painter Mr. Xu Huinan donated his ink landscape works "Lake" for love online auction, the final paintings by private entrepreneurs in Wuxi Mr. Chen Weihong Yi bought with the price of fifty thousand yuan, the auction proceeds to Mrs. Shen Jianfeng. The eve of the wedding, Wuxi marriage Industry Association also issued a proposal to raise love for this to share weal and woe. From looking for a wedding company to the final meaning of the painting, a true and warm love story so naturally happened." Chen Jingyu said. The wedding each link is full of love, the people’s Hospital of Wuxi city party secretary Xie Zhijuan for a couple to send gifts and blessing heart purple disc, on behalf of the hospital, the angels to bless this couple had a happy life. The beautiful bride is hand embroidered "thanksgiving" two words over the angels. Warm heart for love with breathing "we never dreamed of having such a beautiful wedding, thanks to all those who have helped us." Interview, the couple moved tears. It is understood that the wedding theme of "love and fate of Wei Shen Tong", not only added two new names, and the homonym for "love", has a special meaning, touching. "We are from Fujian and one from Hubei. I am still is from pneumoconiosis, lung disease, tortured by the illness for 20 years. From the patients to the lover, we went through a lot together, with everyone’s help and support each other go today." Shen Jianfeng, when he first lung transplantation, lung transplantation after his wife, his full care, two people together for a period of a difficult day. Later, in the group and Chen Jingyu’s encouragement, Shen Jianfeng was in the hospital to brave Wei Jing proposal, open the happy new life of two people. Love wanted to try to help the patients "in addition to the family, the country there are many transplant patients, medical staff to attend our wedding blessing." Shen Jianfeng, who is also a lung transplant Bridesmaid Wedding wedding, especially from field to rush to help. "We are patient with the fate of mutual help, hope that our experience can bring some help to encourage the patients.相关的主题文章: