The company is the original computer collective paralysis ghost substitution mentalist

The company is the original computer collective "paralysis" ghost "substitution" before the beginning of a company in Danyang, Zhenjiang with a number of new computer, even a large area paralysis. Found abnormal, the company immediately reported to the police, the police immediately involved in the investigation. Look at the report. Police scene investigation found that a total of 21 Taiwan computer abnormal of this company, its internal CPU, memory, hard disk and other important parts are all original, shoddy way change, involving a value of up to nearly 50 thousand yuan, the police immediately set up a task force to investigate. In one of the police (replaced) CPU above, found an electronic tag. Police put the label to the Internet to search, and finally found a seller in Taobao. Zhejiang police immediately rushed to Hangzhou, out of this shop has delivered record, found two computer parts orders sent to Zhenjiang records, and the recipient was the company’s employees and CAI jiang. Police, the original CPU is about one thousand and three hundred yuan, the suspect went up to this cost as long as about $180, the difference is ten times. At present, the suspect Cai Jiang has been the public security organs bail.相关的主题文章: