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"The best in all the land" how difficult? This judicial examination cheating chase criminally judicial examination candidates enter the examination room information is known as "the best in all the land actually test of the judicial examination is difficult? Once found cheating? The fifteenth national uniform judicial examination will be held on September 24th, 25. Recently, the high gold content, low pass rate test again become the focus. The intersection of the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Department of justice, the judicial examination enrollment this year up to more than 3.5 people, a record high. Compared to last year, the history of the most stringent, this year, there is no the most stringent, only more stringent, candidates once found cheating, will be punished. The rate of over 18%, there is no shortage of people oriented "Scott said the ability to prove difficult, almost inaccessible, but how hard it? And how low is the rate? This is a lot of questions about scott. The intersection of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice reporter learned from the day before, Scott is difficult, but the rate is relatively optimistic "in Jiangsu". The Justice Department is responsible for the judicial examination where long said that the 2014 Jiangsu Scott pass rate of 18.84% in 2015 by 19.05%, are in the forefront of the country. "We have done from the first judicial examination of the pass rate statistics, the average of more than 18%, which is still not low in the country." Facing the employment problem, Scott by then, pass the judicial examination "bridge" candidates are generally engaged in what industry? Where long revealed that the employment of people through the judicial examination generally have four directions, judges, prosecutors, lawyers and notaries, of course, there are some to prove their ability to test. Can pass the exam, as long as you want to, generally can engage in the legal profession." He said that although there are four jobs, but most people still become a lawyer. Subsequently, he through a set of data to verify this statement to reporters, "from the beginning of 2010, the number of lawyers from Jiangsu increased more than 1.1 people to more than 1.8 people, the average annual growth of around 10%, the growth rate is very fast, and the lawyer from through the judicial examination personnel." As for why Scott by lawyers become "xiangbobo", where the long said, this and the lawyer’s income is not divided, "in Jiangsu, a year to earn tens of millions of lawyers There are plenty of people who still a great attraction." Last year, the history of the most stringent, two candidates were canceled the upcoming national uniform judicial examination, the number of applicants up to more than 3.5 people, an increase of 19.6% over last year, a record high. This is not a question, said Scott difficult, how there are so many people would want to squeeze the head "single plank bridge"? In this regard, he said, there are two reasons, first, with the enhancement of people’s legal consciousness, people demand for law is becoming more and more strong; then nothing more than some objective reasons, after the registration of judicial examination may higher standards, more stringent requirements, many people want to catch the one or two years "breakthrough". Of course, the number of applicants climbing, but also need to face the problem of fairness and justice. Reporters learned that, in order to ensure the authority and impartiality of the exam, Jiangsu last summer相关的主题文章: