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"Ten years" at the box office deflagrated cinema Director – Entertainment Sohu must gain the audience bangs bangs bangs to Du Haitao as the director of Sohu Entertainment News reported, by Ma Weihao served as general director, director Liu served as director since the 80 youth campus love movie "our ten years" since last week released will occupy the hot topic in the network is high. Of course, the film’s box office is also taking advantage of the dark horse, such as the general easy to break the million, while youth, campus, love and other hot topics in the school season continued to detonate everyone’s attention. Liu power "ten years" rolling all kinds of imported large reputation bumper box office with a hot domestic culture as everyone knows, the market, the film industry has ushered in a variety of prime time, the military as a hotly contested spot in the summer is a large gathering, domestic and foreign well-known works have aimed at this time with the audience friends. "Our ten years" as a fresh film with youth, campus love as the theme, with strong strength of the team and bring resonance script creation become the logical in many blockbuster box office dark horse, the strength of compacted to easily break 10 million mark, to a higher record. Of course, behind all the glory and applause, in addition to their acting superb interpretation of actor, director of the more accurate grasp of the film has become the key to success. Liu, as a 80 after the "before" the director, he cleverly circumvent the stylized story of this kind of youth movie convention, there will be unexpected feelings for many viewers said after reading, most directors will be placed in the first love scene, but the director and bangs emphatically from the angle of mining the friendship and youth. "My friend, as we choose their own loved ones" this movie lines caused a lot of people’s sympathy, or in ignorant age, we are in love, pain, understand after the stay is not love, but that accompany you crazy, accompany you crazy old friends. This is the other youth director Liu in his own way to convey. Do not forget the early heart was always square bangs, a dedicated movie dream by people as a director in the film’s heart is bangs he will fight the cause of life, from the beginning of the join now works are frequent, these achievements did not change his heart to the film director, most often in the mouth of a sentence is "talk" with our work, so in the dream on the road he never slack. "Our ten years" the harvest is not only the envy of the box office at the same time, Liu also got audience recognition, which he expressed heartfelt thanks, of course he did not therefore this but to speed up the pace of their dream. In this year, Xi Meijuan Xu Huanshan directed by Liu, Wang Yuexin, Du Haitao, and other performances in the film "love Pascal" will be landing on the Silk Road, the Golden Rooster flowers and other major film festival, is expected in the near future is expected to release. At the same time the director has started preparations for another comedy suspense works, this year eleven will officially start. So let the nonstop footsteps. The director "became more relaxed and persistent in the journey, but also make the audience he added more expectations. "相关的主题文章: