Tan Wuchang why is a good poet as famous as he was in 80s havd707

Tan Wuchang: why is a good poet as famous as he was in 80s? [Abstract] to the present, even though many people write better than misty poetry, which is better than the third generation poets, why not in the history of literature? Because the context is not the same, and now is the era of entertainment. Tencent culture poetry of Yang Min as a critic, director of Beijing Normal University China Contemporary Poetry Research Center Tan Wuchang for six consecutive years, every year a list of China poetry list, select the most touching poem gathered from domestic poetry publications, the poet’s poetry Lin. "In the poetry circles at home and abroad for this anthology is the highest degree of recognition, evaluation is the best, why? Because my taste is inclusive. Both the mainstream poetry world grand narrative, but also the daily narrative, and even non mainstream marginalization. An opinion without a circle." From 2011 onwards, the annual new conference, Tan Wuchang ‘s will have some poets make it a small poem recital. In his opinion, the tone, tone and rhythm of recitation can convey the charm of poetry vividly. For the upcoming new year of poetry, Tan Wuchang accepted Tencent cultural interviews, made some simple comb. Tan Wuchang, poetry critic. Tencent culture: in your opinion, what is the "new" of the new poetry? What distinguishes it from the archaic poetry the most fundamental in where? Tan Wuchang: Poetry of the "new" is the language of the first, Hu Shi has a very big courage, he seemed at the time on the vernacular poetry in good taste. In addition, the "new" in the new emotional, classical poetry is relatively elegant, more aristocratic taste. The new poetry is mainly the civilian interest, it can be the common people’s daily life state, emotional state, close to the modern people’s life experience and aesthetic experience. For example, Hu Shi’s first "Two Butterflies": two yellow butterflies, flying in the sky; I do not know why, a fly also. The remaining one, lonely blame poor; also careless heaven, heaven too lonely. Tencent culture: "Two Butterflies" after the publication of a lot of people laughed at, so the new poetry at that time was actually a number of opposition, the conservative forces of obstruction? Tan Wuchang: Yes, a lot of people laughed at Hu Shi when the new poem appeared. Hu Shi knew, opened the atmosphere but not to be the teacher ah, if there is no Hu Shi created poetry, it is not Guo Moruo’s rise, there will be behind the Crescent School, but not the rise of modern Dai Wangshu et al. Therefore, the function of Hu Shi’s new poetry is not its textual meaning, but its value of literary history, which is not a way to kill the original function of the new poetry in the new poetry of Hu Shi. Tencent culture: why is there a new poetry in 1917, with the cultural environment at that time? Tan Wuchang: at that time, there are a number of represented by Hu Shi, who have been nurtured by the European and American culture, they have a democratic ideology, the idea of civilians. As a pioneer of the new culture movement, new poetry breaks the shackles of classical literature and classical culture. Tencent culture: why is the poetry as a pioneer, why not essays or novels? Tan Wuchang: because poetry is the most powerful. The history of Chinese literature is mainly a history of poetry. If we want to enlighten the people, we must break the fortress of the old style poetry.相关的主题文章: