Taking A natural Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Your Healthiest Bet Yet-noreply

Alternative The much touted swine flu vaccine has yet to produce convincing results. Its tests and expected side effects are far from convincing. It suffices to say that this vaccine is in no less terms a risk to ones health and should be avoided as much as possible. Why go for it when you can use the abundant natural swine flu vaccines that not only offer protection from the disease but add to your health as well? Lost? Dont be. We are just referring to Mother Natures abundant disease-preventing supplies that provide self immunity and sanitization. Starting with the wide range of natural immunity boosters we can first consider garlic. This is a most effective natural swine flu vaccine that should be taken on a daily basis, without the worry of poor breathe the benefits far outweigh this one negative which can simply be brushed away. Garlic offers plenty of selenium and vitamins A and C which are all important for reinforcing bodily immunity against the entire range of flu. Echinacea is another re.mended immunity booster that ruthlessly battles bacteria and viruses. The best way to take it is at the onset of a flu condition taking it daily is not re.mended. As a swine flu vaccine it will activate the immune system thus readying it for battle against the disease. This product of nature can be used in pill form, as a tincture, or even in tea. Another of Mother Natures arsenals that is an effective natural swine flu vaccine is Kombucha Tea an assorted mixture of yeast, lechen, bacteria, and several other ingredients. It is used as a tea when in fermented form and its strengths are energy boosting and body detoxification. These two functions serve to optimize health and promote body immunity. Kombucha Tea can be taken daily. From the Orient is an effective swine flu vaccine known as Astragalus which acts in much the same way as Kombucha Tea. It is used as a tincture and can also be used daily. Apart from body immunity you will want to optimize on sanitary conditions to prevent swine flu. Nature is once again most provident and has offered sanitizing products that can be used without the worry of side effects. You can prepare a sanitizing swine flu vaccine by mixing tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus oils in an olive oil base. This mixture will be optimally effective against assorted viruses and bacteria. Apply your natural swine flu vaccine on your hands and on surfaces frequently used including door knobs and the TV remote control. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: