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Suzy wants to play the role of conscience in sexy wax like twin sisters Suzy (left) and wax photo, like really high praise, like twin sisters. For the first time to see his wax, Suzy is surprised. Suzy went to Hongkong to attend the opening ceremony of the wax, receive a mini version of wax as gifts. Lee Min Ho separated by 3 years and then shoot drama "Blue Ocean legend," admits nervous and excited. Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 14th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the drama "any attachment" actress Suzy, was invited to the Hongkong Madame Tussaud’s earlier first wax. Last month was scheduled to travel to Hongkong for the opening day but because of wax, and was forced to cancel 8 typhoon. Yesterday (September 13th) Suzy made the trip, see his wax in Hongkong, she immediately exclaimed as "ah", said feel like saw his twin sisters. The day before yesterday (September 12th) arrived in Hongkong show wisdom, yesterday (September 13th) appeared at the peak of the opening ceremony presided over Madame Tussaud’s. For to make wax, Suzy said to feel nervous, admits: "because of the production team is very serious, both eyes hair carefully measure." Put 7 hours when Suzy gestures for the statue was unveiled for the first time to see with her wearing the same white backless dress wax, immediately can not help but exclaim: "a bit surprised, because I really like, even on the face of the hairy like." Suzy also said other posture and wax are decided by her, she said: "I hope the fans with wax together, happy together can make a gesture." She said this position seems to be simple, it is quite hard, she said: "this movement before 7 hours, my hands kept shock." After taking into account the sexy performances of the ceremony, the show was asked about the recent performance of Korean drama "any attachment" and the creation of the episode, she said that has always been a composer, inspiration mostly from movies and books. She said: "I am very happy that my songs can be published, I hope there will soon be a new song for everyone to listen to, is preparing for." Talking about future plans and what role do you want to play? Soo Chi said there is no specific plan, but I hope to be able to make many attempts, she said: I want to play some lively, sexy role." What kind of advertising do you want to take? She said with a smile has endorsed many products, in addition to this: "instant noodles, I love to eat, but not filmed advertisement." Lee Min Ho [micro-blog] about drama bring Suzy, her boyfriend Lee Min Ho is Spanish for the drama "legend" blue sea location, before he received the Korean media access, he felt nervous and excited to play, she said: "one person play played two roles, including acting as a liar, will have a different style." Talking about being called "superstar", he was the title of a sense of honor, also feel strange, but did not feel the pressure. (Ying Ying) statement: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: