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Survey: Bank of Japan this week is expected to relax the policy measures are U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer according to a Reuters survey across the industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 20 Reuters released Tuesday, in the meeting this week, the Bank of Japan is expected to relax the current have a super loose monetary policy further, is the main cause of the stagnation in the efforts to overcome the long-term growth, and not on the left to quell speculation means. It was in the September 14-20 survey, the Bank of Japan the next action would be cut further in negative interest rates will increase or adjust the asset purchase plan, even two pronged, analysts were divided on the whole. The measures taken by the Bank of Japan in July were far less than market expectations, but it was announced that it would re evaluate the effect of the stimulus package. 21 of the respondents said that the Bank of Japan will further relax the policy on Wednesday, the six analysts believe that the next step will be announced at the -11 meeting on the date of the month of on October 31st. Four analysts believe it will be announced at some point in 2017. After being asked about the Bank of Japan is likely to move, expected on Wednesday the central bank will announce more stimulus measures of the respondents, 2/3 believe that further reduce the negative interest rate of 0.1% is possible. But several of them said that the Bank of Japan to change the current stimulus, such as buying more Japanese bonds, adjustment can purchase bonds period and increase the commercial bills, corporate bonds and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) spending, it is possible. There are four respondents said that the central bank will only fine-tuning printing program details, and will maintain interest rates unchanged. But the general view of the overall survey shows that both the Bank of Japan’s negative interest rate or asset purchase plan, before the end of the year will not change. The overall survey includes the long-term expectations given by analysts who did not make specific predictions for this week’s meeting. Some survey respondents want to look at the results of this policy assessment, and then the introduction of more stimulus points of time to predict. In addition, the Paris bank analysts wrote, "to overthrow the rumors about the available tools have been exhausted, the Bank of Japan may choose not to set at the September meeting of monetary base, but set the date of the debt purchase target range more widely, and the date of the debt purchase scale will be temporarily set at the top of the range, to dispel the the reduction in debt purchase views." * moderate inflation expectations * the Bank of Japan announced on January, a small part of the commercial bank deposits in the central bank to charge 0.1% of the interest rate, so that investors feel surprised. The move was a loss to the bank and was unpopular. Japan’s financial industry continues to lobby against the central bank to cut interest rates further, the life insurance lobby group warned Friday that the rate cut is more harm than good to the economy. "As the Bank of Japan’s own consumer price index (CPI) in the slow decline, the recent decline in deflation is expected to further weaken. While the yen appreciation pressure is still very strong, "the letter of 3 gold.相关的主题文章: