Substance Abuse Massage Treatment-bree daniels

Food-and-Drink A massage therapy is an alternative approach in dealing with alcohol and drug addiction if some of the traditional procedures didn’t work effectively. There are a lot of benefits that comprises the massage therapy like that of relaxing the muscle tissues and nerves, promoting better blood flow and helps the body wash out addictive toxins. All the mentioned benefits help in the recovery of the patient who suffers substance addiction. The aim in incorporating massage therapy in the rehabilitation program for addiction is to ensure that the addict will recover effectively and that he or she will be relieved from any mental problems like anxiety, stress and depression. Preparation The very first thing to be done before the drug addict can engage in a massage therapy is to consult the treatment physician to know if the patient is suitable for the said process. A consultation is required to determine potential complications and that if the patient can undergo the treatment without any physical damage. A trained therapist is needed in delivering the entire massage therapy program. In the preparation, the things which are needed would include a massage table or futon, sheets and a bottle of massage oil. All these things must be prepared before beginning the massage therapy. Process The massage therapy can be performed under the guidance of the experts of drug treatment programs and sometimes it is being offered together with the treatment plan course. The environment where the massage therapy is done should be relaxing and quiet. The process starts by the patient lying face down the massage table. The therapist pours oil into the palms and gentle massage it to the shoulders, hands, back and legs of the patient. Light pressure is recommended over the patient’s organs. After the therapy, the body is wiped down to eliminate the remaining oils. Let the patient drink a glass of water to flush the toxins. Benefits Some experts of drug rehabilitation programs provide massage therapy because of the underlying benefits it can provide to manage substance abuse. The said benefits would include reducing pain, managing withdrawal symptoms effectively, increasing the response of the immune system, relieving depression and anxiety, diverting or alleviating the cravings for drug and alcohol use, promoting a healthy way of life and diverting the attention from abusing alcohol and drugs. The massage therapy plays an important role when it comes to relaxation and helps in treating substance abuse problems. The process should be done in a right way so that it will be an effective tool for the recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: