Su Min never wanted to let Pu Cunxin act to develop such a son is not proud cancam

Su Min: never thought to let Pu Cunxin act to develop such a son is not proud of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union to mention the people of the Soviet Union, some readers are not familiar with drama, may not be on the right. If Pu Cunxin, you must say, I know! That is the big star of the Beijing people’s art! Su min, Pu Cunxin’s father. Song Dandan, Guanhua Liang, Zheng Tianwei, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on…… These active on the stage, screen, screen pop star, you must be very familiar with. Do you know? Su min is their teacher. Beijing people’s art show performances before and after the training, the 8, he participated in the 3 session of the teaching work, he was a bishop teacher. A class of about 25 students, the final out of the two or three actors can bear the burden, even if the harvest. He took a few students, a class can come out five or six can bear the burden of the actor, is recognized as a bumper harvest! He is not only the Beijing people’s art, but also cultivate a lot of excellent talents for Chinese entertainment. Chinese Drama Art Research Association awarded him the "Golden Lion Award for lifetime achievement". He in the training of talent, why can be fruitful? What is the originality and the secret? September 19th morning, the reporters came to the West Lane near the National Grand Theater, in a high-rise residential building, met Mr. Su min Jia Quan and his lover. The two kind old man opened the door to let me feel warm. Into the spacious living room and study, it was a strong cultural atmosphere infected. Master Guo Moruo’s calligraphy calligraphy and calligraphy of Fang Yi, fan Zeng, Sun Qifeng’s paintings…… There is a special painting, writing on the "Mid Autumn Festival dad 80 birthday, baby tiger painting new, new". Su Min said, I am the tiger, this is the 2006 birthday of Pu Cunxin to the painting, he named the new. Study the east wall lined with bookshelves, Su Min said this is my book, two sets of old bookcase wall opposite, is the father to stay. The inscribed "the vegetarian collection", which is the book. I explained what he wanted and he was the subject of an interview, first from the special feelings neither fast nor slow, and with Tianjin, said he studied painting, acting and family, family heritage, in a relaxed and happy chatting, laughing in with him, let you see light suddenly, imperceptibly cut into the main problem, the so-called way of education, So that is what it is. so ah! He said, I did not want to let Pu Cunxin acting, did not want him to become a star. Never deliberately cultivate him, did not let him learn this, learn that, did not ask him to do so, then do. Su min sister Su Ting family in Tianjin, Tianjin is my brother-in-law late old mayor Li Gengtao; he was in Beijing, his classmates; his wife had engaged in Tianjin Jia Quan two years underground work; Beijing Cao Yu theater in Tianjin’s old dean. Therefore, he has a special affection for Tianjin, which has often come. He was 19 years old in Beijing art school, and Sun Qifeng and 4 high grade students, organized an exhibition in Zhongshan Park. But he ended up on the show. Originally, in 1942, he organized a cross school theater in Beijing Municipal third school, called the salon troupe. He ground his mother to the home storage box bottom two pieces of white denim, get the theatre.相关的主题文章: