State Bureau of cultural relics halted the auction of Chinese cultural relics in Japan – Sohu Cultur stand by me shinee

The common media state cultural relics bureau to stop Japan Chinese relics auction – Sohu culture channel China cultural relics lost overseas on the news. Comparison is known in February 2009, Christie’s Paris auction the rat head and rabbit, caused the Chinese world protest frenzy, domestic organized nearly a hundred lawyers in France against the State Cultural Relics Bureau has repeatedly met and sent a letter to Christie’s responsible person, but ultimately failed to stop the auction. In the end, the two beasts were first Chinese businessman Cai Mingchao to 31 million 490 thousand euros (about $280 million), but he refused to pay. In recent years, every time the loss of cultural relics overseas auction can cause the public’s attention, a number of patriotic entrepreneurs actively participate in the auction, and even the high price of the loss of heritage auction. However, experts believe that this is not a rational patriotic way: "foreign auction high-profile auction of relics, is digging in the trap, waiting for Chinese patriotic entrepreneurs to auction, to push up the market price of the loss of cultural relics. From a legal point of view, the Chinese overseas auction of relics is the most modern foreign invaders in the war of aggression by illegal means of plunder, foreign auction houses China relics of the act itself does not have legitimacy. From this perspective, the Chinese people should not participate in the auction, the auction of illegal acts." In fact, the recovery of the loss of heritage can not rely solely on civil power can be completed, we must rely on the strength of the country. On the one hand, China cultural relics administrative department for overseas auction auction relics behavior, must negotiate through official channels, have announced the auction of cultural relics is not legitimate, should be resolved through legal channels; on the other hand, the government should China and possession of a large number of cultural relics and Chinese powers to negotiate through diplomatic means to recover the loss of overseas China cultural relics. The day before the signing of the time in this letter (October 20th), the National Cultural Relics Bureau issued a "cultural relics auction management approach", which pointed out that the theft, excavation and smuggling of cultural relics or history clearly belong to the illegal exploitation of the China cultural relics and other types of goods, shall not be auctioned. Mentioned in the letter of the State Administration of cultural heritage of Otani Guangrui, born in 1876, the Japanese Buddhist Shinshu Hogazi faction (Nishi hongwanji) twenty-second world law. As Japan’s Taisho emperor’s brother-in-law, he enjoyed a high social status in japan. But as one with the Japanese invaders together on China land predator, the archaeological culture in the cloak of monks, China cultural relics of the destruction caused by large, I’m afraid no one can and. Since 1899, Ootani Hiromizu went to London to study for three years. 1899 and 1906 to visit China for the first time in January 1899, Ootani Hiromizu, by seeking the root of Buddhism, with a period of 4 and a half months, visited the city of China’s 15 cities. January 1900, in order to investigate the name of the Buddhist site visited India. 1901 also visited Britain and Germany, Russia, Sweden and other countries, in the name of China predatory exploration contact famous cultural relics "scholars", "celebrities", such as Heidi and Stein, because of her, visited the National Museum, see the world expedition from Chinese.相关的主题文章: