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"Star Luc Besson first agents" notice to create brilliant universe entertainment Sohu "little green" and Cara composed the most cool interstellar agent [Click to enter the HD Photo]     Sohu entertainment by the famous director Luc directed by Besson, Dane DeHaan, Cara Rihanna, Ethan di Vaai, Hawke, Clif Erwin and Wu Yifan in France, Europa and China KEMET film co production produced sci-fi action blockbuster "star agent: thousand stars" the city today for the first time exposure a pilot trailer. The vastness of the universe beyond the picture, the imagination of the metropolitan Alpha interstellar space station finally opened a mysterious veil, like a super space picture show to the audience full of whimsy. Perfect imagination, dazzling special effects, and fantasy ethereal Beatles classic music together, make the trailer memorable. "Little green" and Cara composed the most cool interstellar agent, rock star Rihanna stunning debut. The most beautiful the most magnificent picture of the universe three global giants teamed up to create special "star agent" adapted from 50 years ago (1967) published in France’s most popular comics, fusion of science fiction, adventure, travel and other multiple elements. The story is set in twenty-eighth Century, Valerian (Dane de Haan) and Laureline (Cara is a star of diwa Yi) agent partner, two people were sent to the Alpha space station, a vast, subversive imagination of interstellar metropolis, brought together 3236 alien races, 5000 kinds of common language, 20 million residents in space. How to show such a beyond the imagination of the movie trailer for the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, and finally the long-awaited fans opened a corner of this visual feast of the iceberg. The lens from the beginning to take us into the Alpha space station cool scene, whimsy is be struck dumb every detail of the design, are beyond imagination. With many sci-fi action movie is different, the Alpha space station is a set of top future technology elements and surreal art in a body, standing on the various types of biological modeling space science fiction peculiar sense, absolutely can meet all the people’s imagination for alien life. In addition to these, the "star big market" Big Market is also in the trailer stunning debut, design beyond the space-time sense just glance is dazzling, but this is only a corner of the iceberg blueprint. Star agent to reproduce the classic, according to director Luc – Besson, the film will have nearly 2700 special effects shots, and this trailer released, he only completed less than 1/10. Who is the Lord of the rings "series produced special Vita Digital Corporation, as well as the" Star Wars "Queen of the ILM and Rodeo FX as the world’s top studio effects production company, the strong combination to film sword production. This "star agent" will undoubtedly for the audience to create a most dazzling star, the most shocking the world. The fusion of classic songs perfect singer Rihanna stunning debut in addition to dazzle.相关的主题文章: