Sparrow Li Xiaoran torture inside play a lot aptana studio

"Sparrow" Li Xiaoran torture inside play a "sparrow" Li Xiaoran Li Xiaoran from Sina entertainment news recently, according to the head of the Spy Drama adaptation of the original revolution "sparrow" in Hunan satellite TV broadcast crisis. Li Xiaoran [micro-blog] as Shen Qiuxia, although in the first episode unfortunately arrested, but the ongoing mental contest in prison with the enemy, not negative "prime minister" of the title. In has been broadcast in several episodes, Li Xiaoran is experienced eighteen torture suffered hardships. Shen Qiuxia’s actor, Li Xiaoran, has a large audience. The appearance of gentle temperament, unyielding heart, even though the traitor betrayed in jail, and by the enemy but the faith to afflict by every means, always bite the bullet. Flogging, iron, electric shock…… A series of brutal torture in her body, just like a torture textbook, viewers have for Li Xiaoran grievance: "there are only broadcast the four sets, three sets have been all kinds of abuse and a gun, concentrated in hospital, this is too poor!" Many people have for Li Xiaoran’s acting point of praise: "in the past few years to do but rarely see about it realistically, the light to see I feel pain!" Li Xiaoran had played a classic role in many TV dramas. To say "I love you" in the quiet Yin Jingwan, "the husband" in hot Gu Xiaojun, "brothers and sisters" in Tang Xiaoxue smart and so on, each character is vivid. The play has been in distress Shen Qiuxia, Li Xiaoran said: because it is a secret agent, a lot of inner play. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: