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Singapore armored vehicles detained mistakes first has yet to Chinese apology – Sohu Military Channel 9 Singapore armored car dock in Hongkong detained events still in the public opinion in the fermentation, when the 9 armored vehicles to allow Singapore re shipped away still appear on the Singapore media can make nothing of it, a lot of speculation, some of the comments is ridiculous. This is a complete mistake in singapore. First of all, a large military Singapore in Taiwan to Singapore on a cargo ship, you should not. China against the outside of any military cooperation and arms trade relations with Taiwan, this position is known to all. Singapore as China allies, caution in this regard is necessary. Although the past has been Singapore military training in Taiwan "historical issues", but to control this problem, active avoid negative influence related practices, apparently due to the attitude of singapore. In addition, Singapore’s armored vehicles not only fitted to the Taiwan exit from the ship, but also because of their own to these armored vehicles equipped with a strange combination of circumstances, the container to the Hongkong pier, the direct activation of Hongkong must detain, investigation of the weapons law. Is this just an accidental error in Singapore? Such an explanation is difficult to convince. Singapore is so careless, careless, it reflects not enough attention China not welcome with Taiwan to carry out military training cooperation, not to low-key, low-key, do not prevent the no danger of anything going wrong may have a bad effect on the situation. Now there is no official Singapore this incident public apology, Singapore media also brought out some of the absurdity of the report, said China would like to take this opportunity to understand the "Singapore advanced armored vehicles" military secrets, etc.. The Singapore media is really extremely arrogant, because the United States bought a couple of such vehicles as "practice", they put those armored vehicles One loves what is his own. as "the world’s advanced military equipment". The latest news on the 28 day of the Singapore ambassador said, and Harry? You said armored vehicles were Cowes Gansu, China has realized that the Singapore government will not be intimidated, so now trying to intimidate the people of Singapore, Singapore for the people to put pressure on the government. The ambassador said this was not reliable if is not to "intimidated" Chinese government and people? Whether on the situation in France, the guilt in singapore. If it sent two people to casually put their armoured car away, that’s amazing. That’s not the logic of things. Singapore as a "good country" plays a big role in diplomacy, should be aware of. A few "broken armored vehicles", they not only can not detain the money, but also quite a place. But they leave Hongkong, they need to meet the requirements of the law, but also to the public to explain the past. Now Singapore China image in the society too bad, according to China people mean, best put those "jam" armored vehicles "confiscated", to the steel plant to return. Therefore, to solve this problem, we must seriously take diplomatic and legal procedures. The Singapore government should have a good attitude, the media should also be shiqu. If the new side of a "hurry up, hurry up," probably.相关的主题文章: