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UnCategorized Are you an artist looking for some extra exposure this year? Do you have an upcoming art show that you want to gain attention from? If you answered, Yes, we have an exciting option for you. As a leading custom challenge coin company, we know what it takes to showcase your artwork and create a unique memento for your fans to enjoy. Using your artwork as a guide, our talented team of designers come up with coins for you to hand out or sell that are unique, memorable, and undoubtedly a reflection of your art. No other gift items are as durable or have the visual appeal that coins do. Even the perceived value of custom challenge coins is high. People feel extra special when they receive a coin from their favorite artist. Your challenge coins can feature your artwork and any of the following: Sequential Numbering Dual Plating Cut Outs Silkscreens 3D Image Bottle Opener Mechanism Showcase your custom artwork with custom challenge coins. Contact us with your request for a no obligation free price quote and digital file containing the challenge coin design that we created for you. Check out our online gallery for inspiration. What will it take to elevate the artwork featured on your custom coins? A decorative edge? Sequential numbering? Cut outs? Email your request to [email protected] If you prefer speaking to us directly, you can call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free. We want to be your number one choice for custom challenge coins. Let us know what we can do to help you. Submit your inquiry to us right away. Once weve heard from you and received payment for your order, well send it to the production department for manufacturing. Your coins will then be sent to your home or office as soon as theyre finished. Submit your inquiry to us right away so we can get started on your design. About the Author: Eric Perez is the Manager of Challenge Coins Plus. No project is too large for him. As a leading designer and manufacturer of custom challenge coins, Challenge Coins Plus is your number one source for attractive and memorable challenge coins. Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to request a no obligation, free price quote today. Article Published On: – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: