Should not boost the collection of hot money 1 yuan banknotes

Should not boost the $1 note collection hot phenomenon recently, "the people’s Bank of China will gradually promote the 1 yuan coin" of the news public opinion was frenzied speculation, do not withdraw from the circulation of 1 yuan notes of rapid warming, coin collectors and the individual units are hoarding, resulting in a large number of 1 yuan notes "precipitation", seriously affected the normal RMB the circulation order, damage the reputation of rmb. According to the survey conducted by the people’s Bank of Ningxia branch, as of April 28th 16, only $1 banknotes out of the market, a keyword search results in Baidu reached about 9 million 60 thousand. At the same time, a large number of online acquisition of 1 yuan notes. From March 14th to March 18th, the people’s Bank of Wuzhong in 1 yuan notes of sales compared with the same period in 2015 increased 73%, an increase of 1036.4%, average daily sales increased 7.3 times. In this case, the market is still unable to meet the demand for commercial banks to make an appointment. At the same time, storeroom inventories fell by 83.9% compared with the same period last year, the existing inventory does not increase in issuance swap case, booking volume can only satisfy the commercial bank for 3 days, the people’s bank can only take temporary measures to limit the number of 1 yuan notes out to ease the pressure on the stock. According to the survey, 1 yuan notes the current commercial bank reservation extraction, mainly by some coin collectors and small denomination cash demand large department stores, shopping centers, hospitals, bus companies, high-speed toll enterprises hoarding. At the same time, by the media hype and exaggerated news value influence, some people hoarding bundles of 1 yuan notes, so that ordinary people unable to exchange 1 yuan banknotes. From the display of 120 customer survey in the commercial bank for 1 yuan currency exchange business in exchange for the number of more than 4000 yuan customers accounted for 75%; for clients, 95% of customers are affected by the recent impact of media of exchange. The collection of hot, exacerbated by the short term on the circulation of small denomination banknotes. Ningxia, the people’s Bank of China, said the person in charge of the management of the currency, gold and silver, according to the provisions of the regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the RMB, prohibit the illegal sale of circulation of rmb. At present, the market speculation of banknotes collection 1 yuan banknotes in circulation, open trading is illegal, affect the normal circulation of money order, is not conducive to play the functions of rmb. In this regard, the author suggests the need to pay close attention to the circulation of RMB speculation phenomenon, more positive propaganda, correctly guide public opinion, to encourage the masses to actively accepted and widely used coins. Secondly, the establishment of the people’s Bank, industry and commerce, radio and television management and other relevant departments of the coordination system, according to the law to increase supervision and inspection efforts to combat illegal trading behavior. Finally, governments at all levels should increase the delivery of equipment for coin investment in city construction, broaden the use of coins coin circulation field, optimization of the social environment, convenient group to introduce the use of coins, so that the masses from passive to active use. Source: Financial Times相关的主题文章: