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Home grown brand, Shiffa Dubai skin care, recognized for its natural, organic and holistic products and treatments with effectiveness. Found in some of the world’s most exclusive spas, apocatharies & department stores, Shiffa is considered the Haute Couture of Spa products with serious Skin care credentials. Shiffa’s pregnancy body oil is light and easily absorbed, infused with the healing herbal goodness of calming organic chamomile and mandarin which softens and relieves tired and dry skin. As most women experience stress during their pregnancy, the chamomile oil works to relieve these symptoms and alleviate any body cramps, mood swings and numbness in the body. This body oil also helps ease your skins changes and restore your natural spirit during this very special time. This comforting body oil infused with a blend of floral, citrus and herb extracts, heals, firms and repairs. A great slimming product to restore the skins elasticity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Shiffas pregnancy body oil is also suited for babies and children as it is rich in essential fatty acids and plentiful in anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E. Did you know? Skin changes with weight gain, this is the case for all bodies no mater what the shape or size. Pregnancy however is a time when you can look great even with that extra weight. This is one of the most memorable and wonderful times in a womans life, it may be difficult to feel beautiful when avoiding a few of motherhoods beauty downfalls, especially stretch marks. The secret all lies in the before and after maintenance & care of your body. It is created and used by the founder of Shiffa skin care, Dr Lamees Hamdan, a doctor and mother herself. This incredible pregnancy body oil was Dr. Lameess first Shiffa creation with all the rich ingredients to protect, nurture her skin the childs skin during pregnancy. The wholesome and healing properties & ingredients Rose hip seed oil, high in Vitamin C, is also essential for the health of skin and tissue restoration. The avocado oil in this oil is very easily absorbed by the skin; it is also a very good source of vitamins A, D, E and amino acids, all known to accelerate the healing process. Sweet almond oil to balance & moisture whilst combating itching and inflammation. Sweet orange oil To relax & sooth It works with vitamins A, B, C and E. It works to reduce nervous tension, uplift the spirit and soothes the body and mind. How & when to use The Shiffa Pregnancy oil Shiffa recommends a circular abdomen massage, several times a day, before during and after your pregnancy. This oil is not only a treat but also what a pregnant and postpartum body needs to look and feel great. To Relax: Sweet orange oil contains vitamins A, B, C and E. It is extremely relaxing and works to reduce nervous tension, uplift, and sooth. The lavender oil also helps to unwind and calm your senses. And as an added bonus, it is also very good for cellulite! Moisturizes, tones and firms Apricot kernel oil is a natural moisturizer which visibly softens and soothes the skin and is known for its revitalizing properties. Evening primrose keeps your skin supple and lets your inner glow shine through. Mandarin and tangerine help tone the skin while reducing itchiness and improving sleep! Calms & Soothes – Anti-inflammatory Jasmine is known as the king of the flowers and has long been used for its divine scent, rich and warm with a hint of floral tea. Shiffa uses this flower for its soothing, antiinflammatory and healing properties. It is especially wonderful for babies or childrens skin or scalp aggravated by eczema or dermatitis. Every woman deserves pampering! Daily tasks and activities, even for non pregnant women, is enough to tire anyone and Shiffas pregnancy oil will certainly help ease the tension. For more details about Shiffa Dubai Skincare please contact: Karina Salib Marketing & Communications Manager Tel: +971 5 1011193 Email: [email protected] Website: .shiffa.. About the Author: Shiffa products are created for people who care about what they use on their bodies by providing a long term natural solution, and reassurance about wellness, as well as beauty. Shiffa is a luxury product that does not .promise on effectiveness. Article Published On: – – – – Unless copper is treated with a synthetic lacquer, it will not have that deep mirror like finish. So when you are sure your .pletely carried out, toss them. No one would at any time know they had been there! my web blog; … – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: