Shenyang remediation four kinds of illegal parking does not stick directly dragged away for 4 days d face gossip

Shenyang remediation four kinds of illegal parking stickers not directly towed 4 days drag 421 cars in Washington, Liaoshen Evening News reporter Chen Jingshu reported Shenyang Shen chat client side stone found beneath the primary and secondary roads illegally parked vehicles, the traffic police will no longer be ticketed, direct towed! Since September 21st, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau in the city’s six districts for the primary and secondary side of the road under the illegal parking behavior remediation, the removal of a total of 4 days illegally parked vehicles on the 421. Yesterday afternoon 1:30, near the road around Zhongshan Road, a number of private cars parked on both sides of the road occupied the driveway. The reporter to follow the traffic police brigade police Zhang Long peace patrol, successively in Zhongshan Road Xinhua Book Center in front of the west side of Nanjing street, West Street and city road sections found illegally parked vehicles. The traffic police department transferred to 3 wrecker, 3 sets of illegally parked vehicles towed directly, the whole process less than half an hour. The traffic control department, the city’s total of 31 sets of wrecker, are illegally parked vehicles and drag the special use, mainly for the city’s five district and Hunnan District appear serious and stop illegal behavior. General 2-3 is a group of Taiwan wrecker, daytime, according to police patrol found in the primary and secondary roads illegally parked vehicles for dragging, night time, mainly in the square area, commercial district, entertainment places in front of the downtown area of the illegally parked vehicles for dragging. Hot Q & A Q: what are the four types of illegal behavior? The traffic control department: 1 primary and secondary roads curb violations stop; 2 occupied or blocked fire exits, bus lanes occupied blind, and the bus berths; 3 branch lanes illegally parked causing traffic jams; 4 for illegally parked vehicles can not cause other normal parking parking or leave. Q: Street alley parking will be towed? The traffic control department: the direct drag illegally parked vehicles, mainly for primary and secondary roads roadside stone under the vehicle, but this does not mean that you can just stop illegal street alley. In the street alley stop caused serious violation of impede traffic, causing traffic congestion and other traffic, will also be directly trailer. Q: what kind of illegal parking will not be towed away? The traffic control department: General slight stop illegal behavior, the traffic police department will adopt humane way of law enforcement, posted a reminder or single posted illegally parked ticket normal processing of the owner, not the trailer. Q: if the public found that the vehicle is gone how to do? The traffic control department: people need to call 122 to report a number to ask whether the vehicle by the police drag; also to the jurisdiction of the traffic police brigade to determine the window to ask the car is being towed. If you are towed, you need to deal with the traffic police brigade in the window of the appropriate procedures to accept punishment. Q: what is the procedure for towing vehicles? The traffic control department: parked vehicles found in the primary and secondary roads edge stone under serious violation, illegal use of fixed evidence law enforcement recorder and other equipment, fill in the "certificate" of compulsory administrative measures, will be deployed wrecker, illegally parked vehicles towed to the district in accordance with the law the illegal vehicle parking lot. The police on duty in the illegally parked vehicle drag is completed, will be the first time through the handheld radio to the traffic police brigade dispatch room report prepared by the drag of the vehicle license plate, illegal sites and other related information. The territory of the group to receive towed vehicles reported information, through the "public security"相关的主题文章: