Set! December 5th Nanchang primary school hours to 830 9c8921

Set! December 5th Nanchang primary school class time is 8:30 on November 18th, the reporter learned from Nanchang City Board of education to ensure that students have sufficient sleep, ensure calm mealtime children to listen to public opinion in the early morning, WeChat officially held a hearing to vote, based on the extensive investigation, after repeated deliberation and careful study, the Nanchang City Bureau of Education officially released notice, since December 5, 2016, will be the city’s primary morning class time to adjust to 8:30. November 17th morning, Nanchang City Board of education on the adjustment of the city’s primary school hours in the morning, held a special work deployment. The city within the city, county, township, rural, public and private institutions do primary school (including nine year school) from December 5th onwards will be the implementation of the new schedule, Nanchang City Bureau of Education Bureau relevant responsible person stressed that all counties, schools should be combined with the actual situation, comprehensive, thorough, careful and meticulous to do the preparatory work, the specific work plan. The county, school should earnestly carry out the work plan and the implementation of the requirements, to ensure that the adjustment to the 8:30 class to implement the policy in place, to ensure the orderly operation of school education and teaching order.相关的主题文章: