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Internet-Marketing There is still hope if you are an internet network marketer with a low marketing budget. Free marketing strategies can create enough free network marketing leads for any mlm business. You can create the same amount of free network marketing leads as with paid marketing strategies like PPC if you do it right and do it consistently. It will require huge amounts of effort, diligence and a little patience. Why do I re.mend marketing on Linkedin? All the white-collar workers around the world connect on Linkedin. The members of Linkedin are educated and qualified and consist of 47 million people in over 200 countries. This is the online place where professionals build connections with other professionals. Members of Linkedin are achievers like corporate CEOs and top authors. Most of the executives from the Fortune 500 .panies are members. Achievers and high flyers can influence other people. Linkedin members have an average in.e of $109000. This is people with potential disposable in.e. Linkedin is a hotbed for mlm entrepreneurs. The network marketing industry is potentially a good fit for the high and mid level professionals on Linkedin. With the economy in bad shape many members experience insecurity in their jobs and are looking for other options. Facebook vs Linkedin Linkedin is not Facebook. To use Linkedin to get free network marketing leads you need to be a sophisticated marketer. None of the Facebook marketing strategies will work on Linkedin. A new strategy must be applied for Linkedin. If you do not know how to properly use LinkedIn you will a lot of time and energy, get zero results and risk being BANNED for life! Facebook members have online friends and fans and Linkedin members have professional connections. On Facebook you sift through the friends you have to get to qualified prospects. Facebook is a social network full of fun and games. Linkedin is a professional social network. Linkedin membersdo not want to know about the friends and family of their Linkedin connections. They do not want to play games. They are only interested in having business connections with other professionals. How to connect on Linkedin * Have a professional profile page. * Reflect sophistication in all interactions with other members * Have good etiquette in discussion forums. There is a correct way to submit information on Linkedin * Do not have weak and ineffective content. .municate in a professional tone that would be acceptable to well read professionals * Learn to leverage on .ments made on your articles and to connect as a result of the .ment * Do not be a member of a subgroup where you do not fit in or belong * Do not violate the 95:5 give and take rule. The content of your articles should contain 95% value to those that read it * Learn how to properly follow up with members outside of the Linkedin .munity What results can you expect? Larry Beacham received over 1600 pre-qualified leads in a 6 month period using his Linkedin free marketing strategy. He received between 10 and 15 leads per day. His best day generated 46 pre-qualified leads. Pre-qualified leads contact you for more information after they see and read your content. Be warned. You have to work consistently hard for a period to get results. He wrote nearly 1900 pieces of content. He consistently submitted these to 33 Linkedin subgroups. Larry has more tips and re.mendations up his sleeve. He summarized the details of this free marketing strategy in an e-book with the title: Linkedin Lead Generation Blueprint. The definitive guide on attracting high quality leads for any .work marketing business. Get access to a free webinar where Larry explains his free marketing strategy for Linkedin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: