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"Round table meeting" launched 34 sectors: focus on the quality safety of agricultural products in Guangdong – Guangdong Channel – September 13 Guangzhou Xinhua (Zhong Zhe Intern Deng Yunwei Zhang Youyue) in late April, established by the Guangdong provincial CPPCC two research teams to Heyuan, Meizhou, Jiangmen, Yangjiang and other places, to strengthen the safety of agricultural products in Guangdong province carry out special investigation supervision. The research of agricultural products breeding base, quality and safety inspection agencies, and the exchange of farming enterprises and farmers, to understand the situation. Recently, the three CPPCC members in Guangdong, the "Roundtable" program, on the quality and safety of agricultural products in Guangdong supervision, social co governance, publicity and other issues were discussed. Program site. Intern Deng Yunwei photo Guangdong agricultural quality and safety supervision results in recent three years, the Guangdong provincial government continued to focus on the quality and safety of agricultural products as one of the priorities of each year. The Standing Committee of the Guangdong Province, the provincial government deputy secretary general Yang Shaosen in the program said: "this research we found that the overall quality and safety of agricultural products is stable for the better development of the." Yang Shaosen introduction, in the past two years, combined with the reform of the province of Guangdong, from the provincial cities and counties to the township, the government functions have been adjusted. In the past, agriculture, agricultural products are often dispersed in regulatory functions by letter, industry and commerce, food supervision, safety supervision, agriculture and other departments, now various functions can be integrated and the main line formed from top to bottom, strengthen the construction and management of supervision team. In addition, the government and enterprises to actively invest in the quality safety management of agricultural products, the establishment of a number of agricultural products quality inspection institutions and laboratories, strengthen with detection equipment and other facilities. At the same time also strengthened the investment and management of land, water and green space, to ensure that every place has green mountains and rivers, realize the governance from the source. At the legal level, Guangdong and municipalities around the national food safety law to gradually promote local legislation. In July 2015, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress promulgated the "Regulations" of Guangdong province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management; this year, according to the national food safety law to restart the "comprehensive revision of Guangdong province food safety regulations", is expected to be formally promulgated and implemented in September this year. Various local governments have also introduced a number of regulations to strengthen legislation in this area, and gradually improve the policy measures, the establishment of assessment system. Yang Shaosen pointed out that in terms of social control of food safety, Guangdong also carried out some exploration. Shenzhen, Guangzhou introduced the third party evaluation mechanism, organization and guide the masses to participate in the review. Third party organizations to assess, help to promote the active participation of all sectors of society and media supervision, initially formed a consensus environment. Strengthen the social co governance mechanism of China’s edible agricultural products quality and safety problems, governance is difficult, it is necessary to effectively solve the market failure, to make up for the lack of a single government regulation. Based on this, the state actively calls for the establishment of government, enterprises and society of the three party co governance mechanism. Guangdong provincial CPPCC members, former general manager of Guangdong materials group Luo Weiyu said in the program: there is a prejudice in the current society, that the quality of agricultural products is the key to the supervision of government regulation, in fact, this相关的主题文章: