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Marketing Well the long awaited Marketing Quickies Volume 2 has finally arrived to much anticipation not to mention some impressive claims such as "Warning! Your leaving over 80% Of your profits on the table while your .petitors swoop in and take advantage of your misfortune. Video tutorial system teaches you stealth marketing tactics to fight back". So does this product deliver or is it just another over hyped piece of internet marketing trash. Personally I think marketing quickies volume 2 is one of the best internet marketing products released for a long time and here is why. It follows the recent trend of using neat videos to teach you in a step by step format how to increase your online profits. It seems like the days of the info ebook are dead and gone. Expect to see the big boys of the internet business world like the cuddly Rich Jerk follow this trend and release tutorial videos in the near future. The videos in this package are very clear and concise and very easy to follow, Andrew Fox certainly knows how to teach. In fact he even includes a video on how to use marketing quickies volume 2 to get the best results. So what does he actually teach you? Using traffic exchanges to generate subscribers and sales. I have tried to use traffic exchanges in the past with little or no success but after viewing this video I saw straight away exactly where I had been going wrong. He shows you which traffic exchanges actually work and deliver real traffic, as most of us know the majority of these services are totally useless and will never do anything but waste your time. He shows a really neat trick by changing a really simple factor on your landing page that ensures the maximum subscribers opt in percentage. In addition marketing quickies vol 2 teaches you exactly how to profit the most from traffic exchanges including where not to send visitors, this one piece of info was a real eye opener for me. Using Camtasia to record video and the most important functions you should use. I do not know about you but the idea of creating a video of my own to help boost my online profits was something I just did not consider as it seemed beyond my capabilities until I saw this video. Video is fast a must have part of making money on the inter.. As mentioned before all the major gurus are using it and the benefits are endless not only as a self marketing tool but also as a traffic generator. Andrew takes you step by step through Camtasia, a program that allows you to record your actions on screen and how to operate it and forward your video to the best websites to get traffic and profits.He shows you the optimum size and format you should use so the video will stream effectively online and yet is still easy to view for your potential clients. Lastly he lets you in on the secret of the little known video service he uses for his presentations and proof of the incredible success he has had. This is part 1 of a 4 part review of marketing quickies volume 2. The remaining 3 parts will be published here shortly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: