Real men 2 theme song first aircraftsman entertainment Sohu – vocals A fighting spirit soars aloft. candy boy

"Real men 2" theme song first aircraftsman vocals – vocals aircraftsman Sohu A fighting spirit soars aloft. entertainment entertainment Sohu   A fighting spirit soars aloft.; blood continues, blasting the screen, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "true man" in season second? This week to air force. We are looking forward to the new season theme song "flying dream" in the second episode of the tail is also the first appearance. Passionate lyrics with a sonorous and forceful melody, sounds exciting, the audience comments have been brainwashed in after listening to, single cycle N times." The show’s second season theme song as a composer and arranger by renowned musician Tan Yizhe, "real man" in the first quarter of the theme song "lust for glory" is written by him, sonorous and forceful inspiring songs, still many audiences. And he made second season once again featuring the theme song "flying dream" again, let us feel the same blood feelings. Theme song "flying dream" by several air force recruits to sing together. "The floating clouds, blue sky garden, lofty, I see the lightning set sail", "daughter flowers, men like bright, gentle woman, with my million flying", the songs express male soldiers fly in the blue sky, indomitable fighting blood, more is the performance of the women for women should be the spirit of eyebrow, valiant and heroic in bearing. With the inspiring lyrics and sonorous and forceful tunes, we can not only feel the air force military high spirited blood image, but also can truly appreciate the eight Air Force recruits growth and transformation. The audience said: "soldiers are always the most lovable people, to pay tribute to them! Hunan satellite TV is not only a boutique program, theme song is the first classic." As mentioned in the lyrics, "real man" in season second? Article will continue adhering to the "Air Force Air Force speak good story, create a real man" program concept, contemporary air force military spirit, and the process of transformation of the Polish guests really and comprehensively presented to a wide audience. More blood and more laughter, warm and moving, as in Hunan TV every Friday night 20:20 "real man" in season second? Air force report.相关的主题文章: