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Quzhou Man 3 times towards the ancient city wall paint was sentenced called seeking to stimulate the fun of Quzhou is an ancient city, retained a large number of buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Shuiting door bell tower and the ancient city walls, is a landmark of cultural relics in Quzhou, belong to the national key cultural relic protection units. However, the man surnamed Liu in Quzhou to seek stimulation, but went to the two old buildings on the spilled oil. In September 20th, Liu was due to intentional crime of damaging relics, Kecheng District of Quzhou city court sentenced to three years imprisonment, probation and fined 1000 yuan in three years and six months. Liu, 36 years old, who lives in Quzhou suburbs. According to his account, he usually love to the wall, the paint spilled soup. Looking for more excitement, he focused on the ancient buildings in Quzhou. At the end of February this year, while Ryu electric car repair opportunity for a bottle of waste oil to the mechanic. After that, he alone came to ride electric vehicles Shuiting door, will waste oil spill in the ancient city wall, then fled the scene. Once succeed, Liu felt very satisfied, and will target the tower. In March 4th, Liu from an electric car dealers spend 5 yuan to buy 500 ml of waste oil, ride to the tower, will waste oil spilled in the ancient buildings. The morning of March 22nd 11, Liu in the gas station for 1 pounds of waste oil, once again came to the tower and spilled oil, while people are not prepared to flee. The water gate wall, the clock tower has been poured oil, causing the public security organs and cultural relics protection departments attach great importance to. Liu on the last day of the crime in the afternoon, the police arrested him. Kecheng District People’s Procuratorate staff, according to the relevant provisions of the law, knowing is the precious cultural relics protection or the national key cultural relics protection units to be deliberately damaged, will constitute the crime of deliberately damaging relics. If multiple damage or damage to multiple cultural relics, will be identified as serious, will be sentenced to more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years. Quzhou City Kecheng District People’s court, Liu’s behavior constituted a crime of deliberately damaging relics, is to make the decision.相关的主题文章: