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"Qingdao events" Huang Xiaolei struggled hard CEO deductive way of doing business – Sohu Huang Xiaolei entertainment "Qingdao events" from the Sohu entertainment news recently, by Huang Xiaolei, Huang Bo starred in the "Qingdao history" is the major TV networks and hit Huang Xiaolei in the play from the shop to dagongmei shops CEO, the vicissitudes of the way of doing business. TV drama "Qingdao story" tells the story to the Qingdao port to the Anti Japanese War history for three events: brothers background. Huang Xiaolei played a poor little in the play? Son, father and sister on juvenile and adult entertainer to maintain life, and by Wang Mancang become quarrelsome lovers couple, opened the road of entrepreneurship, the interpretation of the business on the road of hardship. In reality, Huang Xiaolei and the little son? Is similar to that of hundred-percent is a strong woman, have strong, bold, adhere to the spirit, now runs his own film company and Toupai movie, with relatives and friends as the small? As well as battle righteousness and forthright, so strong a lot of friends in various industries, cause love double harvest. In the TV series "Qingdao events" in small children? And Huang Xiaolei are frugal, dare to love and hate, tenacious character, both career and love. Huang Xiaolei will be the role of the small son of the most incisive, can be described as the role played by the unanimous praise.   相关的主题文章: