Provincial Price Bureau to hundreds of electricity providers to knock the alarm eleven double do not yvette yates

Provincial Price Bureau to 100 business sounded the alarm bell double eleven does not mark the original "double eleven" is approaching, yesterday in Jiangsu province and Nanjing City Price Bureau convened in Nanjing hundreds of business enterprise, the Online Shopping Festival promotional price action policy reminder. In the past, electricity suppliers accustomed to use the original price limit price, the lowest price of the whole network and other languages, the reminder will be pointed out that you can not make mistakes, so as not to be punished. The price is 4 times last year, online shopping complaints according to the Nanjing price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau market chief Kong Zhiqiang introduced since the second half of 2014, Nanjing began to receive a large number of online shopping is mainly related to Tmall price complaint, only after his handling of the case of the first 10 months of this year has reached 131, is 4 times of the year 2015 the. He said that some of the electricity supplier are not too concerned about, think the standard price, price is a common phenomenon, not a big deal. Kong Zhiqiang, for example, before and after the Spring Festival this year, Nanjing, a supermarket chain to carry out a large area of the original price promotions. A liquor marked the original price 100 yuan, the price of 10 yuan. The discount rate, the phenomenon of queuing to buy wine. But the law enforcement department survey found that 10 yuan price promotions, a few months have been so. Eventually, the supermarket was fined 300 thousand yuan. Kong Zhiqiang reminder, although the number of complaints and the proportion of Nanjing more than and 20 electricity supplier companies compared to not high. But as long as you meet, it will be reported one hundred percent, was a claim, and even administrative penalties, civil litigation. Found the electricity supplier price complaints chief Kong Zhiqiang said Maoni, double after eleven, when the price is the consumer price department received complaints. How to regulate the price? He pointed out that the electricity supplier price mistakes. Such as fictitious original price and false discount, price comparison. He pointed out that the so-called price refers to the promotional activities within seven days before the exchange transaction, the lowest trading price has traded notes; if no transaction within seven days prior to this promotion last time before the original transaction price. No, on suspicion of price fraud. Currently, some online shopping platform has been shielded from the original price and other words, but the wording on the picture needs to avoid their own businesses. Such as the original price to the manufacturers recommended price and promotional price; today’s special picture hanging a few days is very easy to be complaints, can be changed to a specific date; the lowest price of the whole network, lower prices, etc., can not be capricious use. The presence of a digital product agent business bureau said that the question of the electricity supplier often unconsciously will encounter, impossible to guard against. This reminder to them reassured. Online advertising exaggeration, they also do not want to follow the crowd. Standardized promotional terms, etc., to ensure that everyone fair competition. Wuqiao Province Price Bureau Inspection Bureau deputy director said, during the promotional activities, the public found illegal price can call 12358 price hotline complaints to report, once verified, the price department will be severely dealt with according to law. Jinling Evening News reporter He Gang.相关的主题文章: