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Change-Management Any task which has a fixed beginning and a definite end is termed as a project. In today’s world, most work is based on project methodology. Therefore, it is imperative that we develop an understanding of projects and the management tools and techniques used in order to meet the project objectives. Project Management training goes beyond the realms of training restricted to water-tight compartments of technology, management etc. Projects may involve all these fields and project management training must therefore include training across the domains. Let’s take the case of a software development project. A project is initiated only after proper justification is provided. For this to happen, there must be a genuine need for the outcome being desired to be project result. Project planning begins with understanding the requirements. The requirements in a software development project are set forth by the business analyst handling that client/relationship. The requirements need to be tested using cases. There is a variety of requirements analysis software available in the market. Once the requirements have been decided upon and documented properly, the next phase of project management begins. Project management involves allocation of resources. Resources are cost centers as well. Therefore, a good project is one which utilizes some or all of its resources to derive the maximum contribution they can provide. Project Management involves use of timelines for managing the resources. Many project managers prefer to use project management template to obtain the desired objectives. Such templates are designed in worksheet software applications. Therefore, project management training must include hands-on training on worksheet processing software. All projects involve two-way communication throughout the entire process of the project. Feedback loop is plays a very important part to project managers to understand the present status of project. This state of the project affects the future project plan. Hence in every project management training, hands on use of communication tools used by that project must be included and this will reap huge rewards as communication training goes beyond mail software training and one must stress the importance of timely checks throughout the cycle of the project. One of the two methods is used in making large sheds. One of the methods is to build the shed by stick and another method is built it using metal. Sheds of both types are having advantages. Wood sheds gives weather insulation and normally cheaper. Metal sheds do not hold heat and cold and more expensive. The resin sheds will not have to be replaced or repaired frequently unlike wooden and metal sheds. This feature of them is more attractive in this segment. But resin sheds are more expensive. Recently,some trainers have started illustrating project management concepts by using specially designed computer games. The essence of these games lies in their approach of involving the learner to use project management technology. These games are focussed in their approach towards training of project management concepts. Course assessments can be used to appraise the results of such game based training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: