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"Poor rich dad" hair character poster Kevin Cheng with little bin QiongYou – Sohu entertainment "rich dad" starring Kevin Cheng Li Chengyuan as a "poor rich dad" female a Sohu entertainment news file November 10th the poor "Fubaba" today issued a "double life" version of the character posters, Kevin Cheng, Li Chengyuan, little bin three star bright colorful appearance, each other and have starred in two distinct manner, the interpretation of the role of the double life. This movie is a Hongkong twice won the award for Best Screenplay Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of the rich dad bankrupts with his son QiongYou Hongkong, staged a touching warmth and laughter and unforgettable trip. A group of people today are poster exposure colorful but informative posters in full, three stars show the different shape and look a sea side flame, dislocation and tangled with the rich, poor and Kuoshao Sunshine beauty and mystery reporter two kinds of identity, to show the role of double life. Among them, played by little bin son said: "before the trip to Please dad, I was naughty," said bear children eager to father’s voice, not difficult to explain why he dressed the sad expression. Another simple dress, he said: "I have one hundred ways to mischief, but you have no alternative." He got his father care is reflected back playful nature; Kevin Cheng’s Dad first outfit gelv deadpan bluntly: "in order to educate the children, I use unscrupulous divisive tactics." A quick universal education in real life. While working with children after wake up: "I work for enlightenment child growth, but the original is that I need to grow up", reflects the profound reflection on fatherhood education; actress Li Chengyuan and somber: "in order to find the light, I dived into the darkness." Sometimes a smile: "my camera is not just shady, and growth path of father and son." Not only implies that the real purpose of her trip, but also shows the subtle emotional changes between father and son. Rich dad in the eyes of Kevin Cheng, his son ignored the feelings and lost to excessive pursuit of money, he lived a rich life that day little son is not really happy, so he chose to travel through a poor child Yikusitian cherish, and let himself through this journey in the baptism of efforts to be a responsible good dad. So whether poor or rich, happiness is the best memory for each child’s growth. This film is a blockbuster masterpiece Hongkong film Godfather "Mr. Wu Siyuan came back. Mr. Wu Siyuan as Hongkong veteran filmmaker, film director and producer, producer and producer in a number of popular classic films not only create, for 5 consecutive years as chairman of the Hongkong Film Awards, and won the thirty-second Hongkong Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. Build the mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan three star creative director, screenwriter Zhang Jianting has twice won the Hongkong Film Award for Best Screenplay award, created the "wrong seven love", "I love HK2013" congratulation, "7 love you" and other well-known films.相关的主题文章: