Photos Catherine Hung responded to Siu Chung Mok shelling show happiness behind her husband and son

Photos: Catherine Hung’s response to Siu Chung Mok blasted her husband and son show happiness behind Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that Siu Chung Mok broke up with Catherine Hung has been more than 17 years, but recently Siu Chung Mok suddenly issued an angry shelling Catherine Hung, seeking to let go of the book by words in micro-blog, the message pointed out that what happened that year has actually been in the past, "why brood on the feelings of the matter, probably many more spectators Those closely involved cannot see clearly.. Love and do not love, after all, are loved. Love, love, love, love, even if no wish, also can do the most familiar stranger. In any case, not in the name of love to hurt each other, so many years, I can do anything to see you after the men who poured dirty water in the back, I divorce you scold, daughter you scold, even to do public service are you scold." Siu Chung Mok @ Catherine Hung asked: "would you please continue to examine the question through self-reflection, the thing, really wrong with me? My silence does not mean I do not dare to say, in order to son, I hope not to have the next." Over the past few days, Catherine Hung did not respond to the matter, in October 24th, Catherine Hung finally sent a document to respond to the matter, said he had never been in front of his son to say bad things about him, and I hope he will not hurt her family. Catherine Hung’s husband Zhang Danfeng is quite complex, posting up one family happiness, said: "we are to complete it, time flies too fast, thanks to his wife Catherine Hung, with her daughter to work with me, let me after work but also can feel the warmth of the family, it is most unfortunate son (Zhang Haofeng) go to school, not to. Haha, I miss you so much." At the same time also uploaded with Catherine Hung and daughter warm hand photo. Catherine Hung and Siu Chung Mok’s son Mo Haolian (now Zhang Haofeng) together with mother station, also issued a reprint of Zhang Danfeng’s warm sun, micro-blog, means: "there is I am jealous, I want to leave my sister, sister a month, come back to my arms, wish mom and dad come back a family of four, happy, happy is good." Siu Chung Mok and Catherine Hung in 1997 fell in love, Catherine Hung in 2000 in Canada gave birth to a son Haolian Mo, but the son was born, two people have broken up, that when Siu Chung Mok refused to recognize the son and get married, finally by Catherine Hung to raise his son. In recent years, the mainland artists Catherine Hung to marry Zhang Danfeng, Mo Haolian also change with the name and renamed Zhang Haofeng. In fact, over the years because Siu Chung Mok broke up with Catherine Hung has had "left his wife and children", had been without any explanation of the incident.相关的主题文章: