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Home-and-Family When potential home buyers hear that prices on Phoenix homes for sale are increasing, they envision hikes on par with the top-rates just before the housing bubble burst and the economy dived head first into recession worldwide. Fortunately for buyers, sellers and investors who wish to get into a stable housing market that is balanced with the support of an increasingly stable economy, Phoenix is the right place right now. Master Planned .munities Experience Most Popularity Part of the overall price increases in home sales must be credited to the master planned .munities around Phoenix. For those who are unfamiliar with these subdivisions, they are designed to ac.modate particular lifestyles. One section may be cordoned off for those who are single and want the advantages of ownership, but the lower cost of upkeep that an apartment .plex would offer. This section usually consists of condominiums and townhomes with two bedrooms and a home office area. Another section may include townhomes and condominiums for mid-level professionals with families and some will be designed for homeowners with children and pets. Other sections will offer single family homes with yards and still another section may consist of the McMansion set of homes for those who prefer the larger rooms for entertaining. The popularity of these AZ Real Estate .munities lies in the fact that they are primarily self-sustaining with schools, parks, playgrounds, and sporting areas such as golf courses, tennis courts and public pools within walking distance. Additionally, most of these .munities are gated and provide the added security that young families prefer. These .munities have been scattered across the metro-Phoenix area allowing easy .mutes to various business districts where many of these young professionals work. Of all the Phoenix homes for sale, those in these master planned .munities are selling at 3-4% higher per square foot over other like properties. Balancing Housing Sales with Economic Growth One of the most important elements in the AZ Real Estate market is maintaining the balance of housing costs with economic growth. Realtors learned the downfall of housing sales born of greedy sales and potential buyers lack of education about the reality of loan programs that may be available to them. No longer do realtors have a desire to sell every property at any cost, only to bear the drastic consequences later on. Realtors are taking the lead in explaining and educating their clients about their financial position related to the homes within their price range. This educational effort by the AZ Real Estate agents is proving to be a substantial reason why the home prices are increasing, but are still reasonably priced for middle in.e earners. Phoenix homes for sale are aimed at premium clients who have discussed the possibility of upgrading and are being urged to make their move now. Potential buyers are discovering that the ability to trust their agents to inform them honestly and provide them only with homes that are realistically within their reach is a major asset to having the confidence to consider buying at this time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: