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Outsourcing The economies of the world are under the grip of the global financial crisis and global industries are in turmoil. Everything is amiss and businesses after business are going bankrupt and shutting down. Millions have lost their jobs, inflation is massive and .modity prices are rapidly rising. Amidst the confusion, an industry has remained steadily on the rise, and its growth seems unstoppable. And this industry that is said to have a global market potential of a trillion dollars is business process outsourcing or BPO for short. Business process outsourcing is the act of assigning one or more of a business non-core business activities to an offshore .pany that specializes in the said activities. The primary advantage of BPO was traditionally much lesser expenses, a huge portion of which derived from the .plete or almost .plete elimination of fixed expenses, leaving the .pany to worry only for its variable costs. But as decades passed and the BPO industry grew in epic proportions, its main benefit eventually became skills and performance. Since BPO .panies specialize in whatever service they offer, they can perform this process way better than in in-house. With the global BPO boom, one country has taken the whole world by storm and is expected by many to soon be the global leader of BPO, that country is the Philippines. The Philippines huge pool of very .petent and greatly skilled English-proficient and neutrally accented workforce is its biggest .petitive advantage in the world of business process outsourcing. English is the primary means in customer service related BPO services, and the Philippines is regarded to be have the third best English speaking population in the world. The Philippines rich history in co-existing with different races and the archipelagos strategic location along with the Filipinos innate adoptability has caused them to develop an accent they can mold to match the accent of any race or location. The Philippines also has good ties with the United States and other developed countries, and thus it is kept up to date with BPO facilities, equipment and infrastructure. Many large global corporations and .panies are also putting up their branches in the country bringing with them new technology and software, as well as new training methods to the Filipinos they employ. The Philippine government in recognition of the countrys great prowess and potential in business process outsourcing has already taken several steps to ensure the archipelago maintains its steady climb towards the top of the world BPO Mountain. Strict and tedious licensing procedures are now being implemented for all BPO .panies in the country, and only those who pass are given accreditation by the state. This is to attract trust and confidence in Philippine BPO as well as continue to upgrade the countries BPO service quality. Outsourcing related subjects are also to be soon added to the curriculum of the related course, like medical transcription subjects in medical courses. The Philippines is currently ranked 2nd in the world in terms of business processes outsources, next only to India and China. It is also evident that the continued expansion of Philippine BPO is about to grab the second place from India, and in several years to a few decades take the top spot from China. This potential is what makes the Philippines shine brightly amidst the blur left by the savagery of the global financial crisis. For high quality business process outsourcing services please contact Call.Inc BPO , the premier BPO provider and call center in the Philippines owned and managed by the Automated Marketing Sales Machine Tom Green main proponent of the Al Roker Jr. backed revolutionary 4StepstoSuccess Action Plan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: