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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. When the term fashion design is mentioned to many people, the only groups of people that come to their mind are women. This is because women have been so receptive to fashion as compared to other groups like the men and the children. Women are always particular about what they wear, how they look and the more the trends change, the more reason why so many fashion designers like Karen Millen target this group. It is believed that a fashion designer who targets women will never go wrong because their designs will always sell in the market especially after the fashion designer wins their confidence and trust. As long as a fashion designer connects with their target group, they will always know what to design for them. Karen Millen is a well known designer from Iceland who gained her fame through the great designs she has made ever since she joined the fashion industry. Established in 1981 with the first dedicated store opening in 1983, Karen Millen’s unique appeal has enabled the brand to trade successfully in the global marketplace where its greatest future potential lies. It is a luxury brand delivering high quality, beautifully designed clothing, footwear jewelry and accessories. Karen Miller started with women’s clothing and when they were received well in the market, she went ahead to design other items like shoes, ladies’ bags, footwear, outerwear and also jewelers. Karen Millen brings designer-wear to the high street with a bold approach to clothing for the body-conscious cosmopolitan woman. Karen Millen customers are united by their confident sense of style rather than by age. The brand is positioned as an entry level designer brand that brings true design appeal to the high street. Its target customer is confident and aspires to a high level of luxury and glamour with clothes that fit and flatter the contours of her body. Karen Millen dresses incorporate a bold approach for modern-day cosmopolitan women. Karen Millen comes up with 8 new collections every year, which are well-known for their style, and are in sync with the latest fashion trend. She uses color fabrics that are neither too bright nor to plain like black, white, silver, etc. Karen Millen dress designs include various types of patterns from floral to butterfly to slinky that give away a sophisticated and rich look. Karen Millen dresses are beautifully tailored using high-quality fabric, with different kinds of embellishments in gold, sequins or animal prints. Some of her work includes tailored clothes for ladies, coats for ladies too, as well as evening wear for the same group. It is very easy to locate her great designs in the internet because many online retail stores sell them. Indeed, on any given day one can find a Karen Millen Sale on such sites. Women visit these sites everyday in order to get what they are looking for. It should also be noted that Karen Millen’s clothes sell at reasonable prices in order to give a chance to the poor, the middle and the low income earners an experience to fashion as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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