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Advertising In modern economy, aimed at the purchase and consume of goods, an important role is the one of packaging, both in attracting customers and in the safety of goods put in the market. But if today one of the most interesting and necessary challenges is the one for a sustainable economy, the packaging sector does not want to be left behind. So the challenge to find out and use of new, recyclable, sustainable and also less cumbersome materials has started. As we can hear very often, the recovery from the crisis has to pass through innovation, so it is necessary to keep experimenting and innovating, not only on products but also on productive processes. So not only a research of reusable materials, but also of machines that waste less energy and that are much more effective, as specialized machines always faster and more practical. As it is easy to understand, one of the most used materials is paper or cardboard that strictly has to be recycled and recyclable. In our country has affirmed Carlo Montalbetti, General Director of .ieco, also the recycling of cellulose, with which the 80% of all paper and cardboard packages are produced, represents an excellence. In 2008 more than 70% of the beyond 4,6 million of tons of cardboard packages put in the market has been recycled, in sum we have avoided 144 garbage dumps in 10 years, and in the end thanks to the recycling of paper and cardboard, we have saved noxious emissions in the atmosphere equal to the block of traffic for 6 days and 6 nights. According to the range of confections, different forming pipes have to be used, these pipes now exist in various shapes and alloys, from the round ones to the ones in a spoke shape, to be used on various materials and to create various packaging shapes. .ieco is already working on a research that will testify (also thanks to the direct contribute of firms using paper and cardboard packages and thanks to the various paper sector firms associated) how we are moving from the academic concept of packaging eco-design to the much more modern and concrete concept of sustainable packaging tout-court, a good with low environmental impact able to make the product life longer and improving the consumers fruition. The packaging is now has now an important role in todays society, for some it is even a form of art, and moreover there are several studies on shapes, colors and patterns. Packaging is a .petitive factor, very important and crucial to many sectors of manufacturing. Sectors such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals owe a lot to the packaging industry, for the quality of solutions and of packaging materials and for the speed to respond promptly with new packages to market needs, these are strong strategic .petitive levers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: