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Health Rehab for oxycontin is in huge demand these days, but let us first know why it is necessary. Oxycontin is the .mercial name for Oxycodone, a drug prescribed by doctors worldwide to depress the central nervous system. Just like morphine, it is used in cases of extreme pain as a palliative. Cases of fractures, arthritis etc were often prescribed morphine, though its use is now old fashioned. Even in serious diseases like cancer, oxycontin is prescribed to relieve pain. However, there is also one disadvantage of using this drug- it is as addictive as morphine. And this is the reason why many patients abuse this drug and later have to check into oxycontin rehab. Also sold as Percocet, Tylox and Percodan, this opiate is abused because its continued dosage makes people tolerant to it. Later, they consume it in increasing amounts to experience the same effect as before. Its abuse has be.e a severe problem because it can be procured easily, and its illicit use is so widespread that it is now being also called hillbilly heroin as a street drug. Rehab for oxycontin addicts is available at various places, but easy availability of this drug makes it difficult for people to try to get clean. The main problem with this drug is that its use actually begins as a medical prescription, and then later spirals out of control when people start using it in excess to get the same feeling of euphoria as before or to avoid the withdrawal symptoms that muscle cramping, restlessness, anxiety, nausea, etc. Oxycontin rehab has be.e very necessary these days, because people cant quit this highly addictive drug without assistance. Stopping its use all of a sudden tends to produce severe withdrawal symptoms, therefore professional rehab for oxycontin addicts is the only way to help the victims. Usually it is observed that its the family members who get victims admitted to oxycontin rehab centres, because they themselves are not strong enough and find it difficult to let it go. In oxycontin rehab , doses of the drug are gradually reduced and victims are given psychological and emotional assistance to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Since the drug is very addictive, rehab for oxycontin is a long process and can thus involve a lot of expenditure on the victims or his/her familys part. It should not be forgotten that the fees involved can hardly be .pared to the importance of getting clean. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: