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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The display is in reverse format, which means the background is in black, and the alpha numeric letters are in silver and white. Changing the contrast in the Suunto concealed menu will help, however, still not as clear as the typical black letter on white-colored background. No mistake of Suunto, but just the way the look is. The buttons are receptive and very easy to press. To get around through the menus, the "Mode" button and the "View" button have to be pressed in several .bination to get what you need. It would seem to be .plicated initially, but once you understand the rational design, it is pretty easy to remember. Give yourself a couple of days to get used to it. .pliments: Very precise ABC. I .pare their readings using the actual ABC instruments. The precision is outstanding and surpasses the Casio Pathfinder in the dirt! The storm alarms reacts to the atmosphere pressure change correctly too. The electronic .pass rocks !. Once you set the course, the bearing indicator would display an arrow and directional words (right and left), to guide you to the accurate course, which is a great feature. User installable batteries which is excellent to save a lot of cash in the future. Problems: The directional rotation ring is hard to move. For those who have finger nails, you’ll want to use them, if you chew your finger nails, best of luck. The alarm is gentle and difficult to notice sometimes. Exactly the same problem as the Pathfinder. I wish they can make it more louder. The wrist strap looks low-cost. The illuminator is a bit poor as well. Suggestions: This watch has earned lots of negative reps due to poor quality control in its vendor factory in China. It’s been a lot of .plaints and reported problem. After doing some research, it seems that Suunto has finally resolved the hardware and software glitches. When you purchase the watch, make sure the serial number starts from "918xxxxxx" onward. My own is "944" and so far it’s great. You need to email the seller, to ensure they send you the updated version as noted above, your brand new watch will not likely spend most of its life going back and forth in the shipping trucks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: