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Xu Baihui sent Hu Ge "good card" Zhang Bo feelings listens to his mother "far distance" of Beijing issued Zhang Bo Xu Baihui interpretation of pure love story (the Tencent entertainment news video in September 21st, Jean Rui Wang Dong) TV series "distance" conference held in Beijing, Zhang Bo, Xu Baihui, Ren Donglin attended. Because a day before the opening coincides with the birthday of Hu Ge at the press conference, Xu Baihui became friends with Hu Ge in "good times", in an interview revealed that he has been to Hu Ge blessing, when a reporter mentioned Xu Baihui once praised Hu Ge is "trusted lifelong person", the scene Xu Bai Hui some feel shy, again and again to the public men of God Hu Ge handed a good card, "said the other is really good!" Then, our smiled and said, "we have many crew trusted lifelong people, like Zhang Bola……" Zhang Bo boasted that the circle of filial piety in the sentiment will listen to her mother’s words "distance" is about a 1976 youth, our love of youth playing violin Su Yang and Zhang Bo played Zheng Xiangdong in love, but because of misunderstanding and accident and missed. Has a crush on Su Yang took the opportunity to close our MENGNAN tuliao Jishu Yu Wenzai. Su Yang, the defiled, Su Yang pregnant. Full of hardships and frustrations, Su Yang has achieved great success in the fashion industry, and also a continuation of Zheng Xiangdong across thirty years of love story. Actor Zhang Bo said, this drama is not only a youth story, in the thirty year span story, youth period is only six years later, the male and female returned to the city, but is still a continuation of profound love, "unlike today’s fast-food love drama is more like the love of our parents is the epitome of love." In the play, Zhang Bo played by actor Zheng Xiangdong in love often by the mother’s opinion, but in reality, Zhang Bo admits his feelings in the event will be like the "listen to her mother’s words," I was a famous dutiful son circle, go out with parents and friends also frequently. With my parents." Hu Ge to send a good card like Zhang Bo deserves to be entrusted to life compared to the character starred in the role of the heroine, Zhang Bo, met a problem. Because of the time span, our from a young girl to play teenage mother, this is not a small challenge to her. In an interview, in fact, our said that his own mother was not a bit awkward, but she also admitted that, as in the play the child grew up, he saw the son so mature, feel a bit awkward, "and when a small child is OK, every time I see children to call my mom there will be a little trance." Once with Hu Ge in the "good times" had our cooperation, the scene was also asked whether yesterday (September 20th) to the birthday of Hu Ge blessing, she immediately said it had sent a blessing to each other. When a reporter mentioned once praised Hu Ge is "worthy of our life of our people", the scene some feel shy, repeatedly said the other really good!" Then, our crew also said, "we have many worthy of life of people, like Zhang Bola……" It is reported that the play will be landing Anhui TV prime time in September 30th.相关的主题文章: