Oral my bestie about eating barbecue, saw a scene that I be caught off guard demonophobia

Oral: my bestie about eating barbecue, saw a scene that I be caught off guard my weakness, I am shy, I am introverted. Before I met my husband, I have never been in love, not no one to chase me, but I think the love during school is not fly. After a year of work, the introduction and her husband to know, feel that each other has a stable work, each other’s family is quite good, my husband was in love with me, so, and her husband met less than half a year to get married. A lot of students after I heard the news of marriage are more surprised, because in their cognition, I should be at least the students get married later, I did not expect the first married. Marriage is not working, eating and sleeping, raising a child? At these levels, I feel that I am competent, and the main energy after marriage in her husband and children, because I think there are endless housework every day, so that, and students are less contact. I grew up playing bestie and large neighbors, at the beginning of my marriage, her for a while and I quite strange, every time take the initiative to contact her, she told all direct: I’m not going to the light bulb when you and your husband. Two years later, bestie also married, we also frequent contact. A few days ago, her husband and friends to go out drinking, I and the children at home is a bit boring, give bestie call, say I want to go to eat barbecue, the bestie also just want to eat barbecue, we hit it off. However, when bestie took me to visit our city more popular barbecue stalls, saw her husband and a strange woman in drinking and smoking, laughing and talking. The father of a child, a bad husband ‘good’, but also let me a little overwhelmed. At this time, I went to impersonate bestie, the husband and the woman, say, my husband of the woman, you dare to seduce, at the same time, pick up a glass of beer is poured into the woman’s face. The girl was frightened and fled to estimate. Subsequently, bestie my husband pulled in front of me, I asked: do you eat well, good to drink, I would like to withdraw. Next, the husband all apology, various explanations, in my mind, don’t listen to what her husband said. Because there is not much love experience, I just want to happiness. Would like to ask her husband’s behavior is not worth my forgiveness? Muzi Li Da asked readers: I think your bestie behavior is reckless in not clear your husband and the woman what the status of the relationship, to the woman on the face with beer, it’s really good? The men and women is not goujiandabei lovers, from now people are relatively open, so it is in the body language level; you may be weak, sensitive, introverted, so that you see her husband and a strange woman drinking that scene, you I feel I am not myself., that your husband is how to explain that he and female relations when you did not hear clearly; after this incident, you still maintain a good tempered woman image, but in your heart and not let go of it. To tell you a story: a few days ago, I also and friends at the roadside barbecue, also met a woman and a man in the drink, and later, the man相关的主题文章: