Obama paid how much Song Zhongji 40 million only top of the list of fourth Kim Su Hyon tianbi

Obama paid how much? Song Zhongji 40 million only fourth of the top public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Korean actor TOP5 Kim Su Hyon: income first song Nakamoto fourth Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the recent trend of index of Korean drama, let fans not only sing and dance after idol actors and attention, especially the "handsome Obama" irresistible charm, such as the recent "W" Li Zhongshuo [micro-blog], "cloud painted Moonlight" Portsmouth sword, so many girls are crazy. But as we all know, Obama are suction gold skill is excellent? They can buy a mansion with 1 plays! Recently, the Korean media have counted "Korean actors list TOP5". (Note: list the amount of all assumptions do 1 more 20 sets of results as NO.1 Kim Su Hyon) [micro-blog] 66 million (about RMB 13 million 900 thousand) / Kim Su Hyon (Figure turn taken from Kim Su Hyon Instagram) Kim Su Hyon and South Korean actress Gianna Jun performed "you come from the stars", as the play was left in the earth are sensitive the alien Jun, even after 400 years without change, and even the appearance of mobile instant super powers, and he had the courage to tell friends the secret, but I saw each other away, be regarded as a monster, so long as the fixed time, will change 1 new occupation and identity, how the material, originally decided not to put any other feelings of him, but accidentally fell in love with the heroine, desperate to protect each other’s magic charm spread all over Asia, worth double up . NO.2 Su Zhixie [micro-blog] 52 million (10 million 950 thousand) – Su Zhixie (Figure turn taken from SBS) Su Zhixie Liao Mei heyday, non "master’s sun" is played in the drama only visible and tangible real money trading Zhu Zhongyuan, accidental encounter ghost heroine too see Christine (Kong Xiaozhen. Plays), because the relationship between the constitution, as long as the real too respectful touch, can let her see the ghost, from the beginning are reluctant to be used, at the end of each time in each other when they are in trouble, to fling caution to the winds. One of the most classic scenes, Zhu Zongyuan heard a major traffic accident occurred near the company, think too Gong may see many real scary ghosts, afraid to rescue her helpless, one in my arms, and then say "shelter to hide," so many girls crazy, screaming "let me hide". The Lord of the sun, so that the original in Korea is quite well-known Su Zhixie, popularity spread throughout asia. NO.3 Lee Min Ho [micro-blog] 46 million (about RMB 9 million 680 thousand) / Lee Min Ho (Figure turn taken from the Lee Min Ho face book) Lee Min Ho performed "boys" popular in Asia, has a handsome appearance, tall stature, from an appearance on so many girls eyes of love, by his charm. Not only that, he is more in "heirs" as the chaebol 2 generation Kim sigh, to actress Che Enshang (Park Shin Hye [micro-blog] plays) love at first sight, the confession mode is)相关的主题文章: