Ningbo Zhenhai one-child family elder security projects benefiting 16 thousand people sweets parade

Ningbo Zhenhai Zhenhai one-child family old-age security project to benefit 16 thousand people in the city of Ningbo Baoshan Street Station Road community recruit 68 year old retired worker Chen Ruihua, the thoughtful committee to submit the information, apply to participate in the new area of the one-child family elder security engineering. The government ‘s new benefits, coupled with social security, for me on the’ double insurance ‘, greatly reducing the child’s future support pressure." The only son is about to enter the middle-aged Chen filled with joy. In mid September, Zhenhai pioneered the introduction of policies in government procurement of services, insurance and fund combination, for the area of nearly 16 thousand one-child parents "X", build old-age security network. Meet the conditions of the object at the age of 60 years of age, you can get personal comprehensive insurance, the elderly daily care fund, special care insurance fund for the elderly in three areas. It is reported that the old security project by the government policy of insurance and care fund is composed of two parts, in relief, support and protection in one, to improve the ability to resist the risk of accidents and the one-child family pension, the realization of "old age". According to the policy, from July 1, 2016, 60 to 69 years of age and 45 years of age mother security object (including) the unmarried child, pay by the government to provide personal comprehensive insurance, the highest awarded 60 thousand yuan insurance; 70 years (inclusive) above the security object, each person can receive 1200 yuan old daily care of gold, until death. Special care fund for the elderly covers 46 major diseases, the object of protection in the social security designated hospital for treatment, you can enjoy a daily 100 yuan, up to a maximum of 50 days per year of inpatient care allowance. Camel Street Sheng home community cadres, said Zhu Yonghong, residents praised serious illness care allowance special intimate, nearly 200 qualified objects within the jurisdiction of almost all submitted an application. Zhenhai District Health Bureau relevant responsible person told the author, Zhenhai region is one of the highest degree of aging in Ningbo City, another 10 next year, a large number of one-child parents joined the aging population "army", relying on the existing policy, it is difficult to resist the many risks of the inverted Pyramid family structure ". More than 8000 people have applied for more than a month since the introduction of the new security policy. It will become the first domestic Zhenhai one-child family pension coverage area. In the specific implementation, Zhenhai District Innovation concept, commissioned by the relevant insurance company, the operation of the Xiang Huimin project market-oriented way. It is reported that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the policy, this year, Zhenhai District government has arranged nearly 20 million yuan of special funds. The next few years, with the acceleration of the aging process of the one-child parents, each year will be an additional four million yuan of funds.相关的主题文章: