Network about car specifications to adjust the market price adjustment

Net about car specification to local market network about the car standard to local market in the network about the car standard, "opinions" mentioned, municipalities and government should take the "Interim Measures" of the network booking taxi business service management requirements, according to the specific standard of the local actual situation about the development of the network of car the vehicle and operational requirements. Network about car platform company to obtain the corresponding network booking taxi business license and the record, the company registered in the province about the car platform company, to the province’s public security, communications and other departments to determine the audit. On the net the car about the implementation of market regulated prices, municipalities (ground) government (administrative office) deems it necessary to the implementation of government guidance. In business activities, "opinions" requirements, network about car platform company to determine a reasonable taxi pricing, operation safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, there shall be no unfair price behavior. Strengthen network and information security protection, establish and improve the data security management system, according to the law to collect, use and protect the individual shall not disclose sensitive information related to national security. Net about car platform company shall not be in the form of private passenger cars in the form of a network of about car rental business. In addition, the "opinions" also to regulate the carpool, ride, private minibus carpool should be self behavior premise, not-for-profit, municipalities and government should formulate the corresponding provisions of private minibus carpool, clear the rights and obligations by the service provider, carpool and carpool information service platform three party. Private minibus carpool, also known as carpool, ride, ride travel information from the service provider prior to the release, a carpool service provider of small passenger cars, sharing part of the travel cost or free mutual sharing of travel mode choice of people with the same travel routes. Private passenger cars should be based on their own behavior, not for profit. Municipalities (ground) government (administrative office) in the basis of the scientific definition of private minibus carpool and commercial transport business boundaries, making private minibus carpool corresponding regulations, clear the rights and obligations by the service provider, carpool and carpool information service platform of the three party.相关的主题文章: