Net exposure of farmers and police Gang old police to restore the truth lm3886

Net exposure of farmers and police Gang old police to restore the truth of these days, always see someone forwarded an article on "traffic police gang fights a farmer and a 60 year old woman" of the post. Curiosity drives, the younger sister points to open to see the contents of this is – this thing looks very scary, what is the matter? Subsequently, Dancheng County Public Security Bureau immediately informed. (the) in November 15, 2016, according to the Dancheng county "three hit two to build" the wind action work requirements, the city traffic police brigade two squadron captain Fan Qinghua led to 10000 4 Xieqin personnel on duty at the Xinhua Road Road intersection with the new education (5 per capita in accordance with the provisions of the new traffic police in unified allotted duty service). At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, is on duty in the Wanli found a license plate number for the P* Yi Long car before the block did not put up strong signs, requiring its inspection. But the driver of the car Ding Penghai refused to show the vehicle compulsory insurance certificate. When the officers on duty to detain their vehicle driving license and driver’s license, Ding Penghai speech pollution, and get off to snatch their documents, the staff decided to take it to the traffic police brigade to do further processing. Ding Penghai refused to abuse the police officers on duty, Ding Penghai’s mother pulled on duty next to the staff, another man to take pictures of the same man, Ding Penghai. A man in the crowd of people (suspected drunk) suddenly rushed out, to carry out attacks on the personnel on duty, and Ding Penghai kicked several times, and then fled, Ding Penghai’s mother pulled the man in the process of being ripped off part of the hair. After the event, the County Bureau of discipline supervision departments involved in the investigation quickly, and organized special forces involved in the investigation of things in man. The investigation of active duty personnel on duty to carry out the law, violations of discipline and law enforcement activities does not exist. At present, someone fleeing man (Luo, stone floor single people, unemployed) on suspicion of drunken trouble has been Police Brigade security detention law. At the same time, the public security organs will be in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations shall be prosecuted for illegal acts of obstructing traffic and Ding Penghai illegal responsibility. And in strict accordance with the laws and regulations on the spread of false statements on the Internet related to serious treatment. Dancheng County Public Security Bureau November 18, 2016 network information difficile true, if you do not know the truth, we do not recommend free to spread false statements or forwarding.相关的主题文章: