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Nanyang driver drunk driving traffic lights waiting when lying on the steering wheel to sleep the newspaper news (reporter Li Siyang correspondent Song Deming Feng Fan) drunk driving to the intersection, waiting for a traffic light fell asleep. The day before, Sheqi County People’s court sentenced to the crime of dangerous driving a sinus 4 months detention, suspended for 1 years, and fined 5000 yuan. In February 14th, a village in Sheqi County Rao Liang Zhen Dou a driving after drinking, the process of traveling to a crossroads town waiting for traffic lights, a sinus feel very sleepy, lying on the steering wheel to take a nap. Green light, sinus completely unaware. With a car in the sinus after the car driver to see a sinus car motionless, followed by a reminder to remind speakers. See a sinus car still does not move, after the car driver will get off the view, found a sinus was lying asleep at the wheel, alcohol smoked, then alarm. Sinus was rushed to the police seized. After testing, Dou every 100 ml of blood alcohol content of 260.74 mg. Sheqi County People’s court, according to the relevant laws and regulations, then made the decision. (source: Nandu Morning News)相关的主题文章: