Nanjing, a lack of supervision of the Wetland Park into a garbage dump investment or over ten billio wetnwild

The birthplace of Nanjing Wetland Park, the lack of supervision into landfill or investment of over ten billion Dianxun intersection is located in the south of the center position in the Jiangning District of Qinhuai wetland park near Nanjing, the mother river of the Qinhuai River, a total investment of 10 billion yuan of the wetland park. There are many rare animals and plants. As early as 2012, the relevant departments on the claim to build this covers an area of 28.7 square kilometers of Nanjing green lung". But recently a member of the public found that the construction of the park not only slow progress, but also because of the absence of regulation, which is often stolen to pour a lot of construction waste, not only affects the environment may also damage the wetland ecosystem. Scene: the low-lying wetland has become a garbage dump in October 11th, the reporter arrived at the nearby moling streets of Jiangning District Affirmative Road East extension line, there is a large wetland on the east side of the road, but the water green grass, a lot of construction waste and garbage and the surrounding beauty was misfits. It is observed that: some of these trash paint barrels, plastic bags, cement blocks, etc., are mostly some construction waste. Nearby residents told reporters that there are about ten cars full of garbage, is the night to steal down here. The garbage has been here for nearly half a month, and no one to clean up. Residents said that the location is relatively remote, almost no one in the evening. Near the Affirmative Road East extension of the original line in the road, about two months ago to fix the road through the village and nearby Wetland Park has been demolished, some people will be the remoteness of the wetland as a garbage dump, while the night to dump their rubbish here. Reporters continue to observe the discovery: the ground near the site of the garbage dump also has a large vehicle wheel printing, it seems that some people have come here to steal garbage. Nearby residents also confirmed that: since the opening of the road, people often come here to steal garbage. And there’s no one here at night. Garbage will not affect the wetland ecology? It is understood that the Qinhuai wetland is regarded as a piece of expert ecological treasure Nanjing. Wetland is the rare and endangered plants of 3 species, 9 species of rare and endangered birds, 1 species of mammals, 1 species of amphibians. Informed residents said, "garbage" near the scene before all the water, it was stolen several times, but the management did not go in the garbage in the garbage collection, but it covered with loess. Most of these garbage is not easy to rot plastic, residents worried about the negative impact on the wetland ecosystem. Is there any rubbish buried underground? How much size? Because reporters did not dig the work of the equipment, it can not prove that the residents of the argument. Environmentalists said that the total area of 97 thousand and 300 hectares of wetlands in Nanjing, accounting for the city’s land area of 14.75%. As of 2004, Nanjing has been unable to find the area of more than 30 hectares of marsh, Yangtze River beach area of the average annual decrease of 89.6 hectares. The consequences of the destruction of wetlands may lead to reduced the flood carrying capacity, reduction in biodiversity, water purification function attenuation. Patrol management staff said the issue will be submitted according to the scene stealing garbage to the streets moling double gold community. Community leaders rushed to the scene, said the demolition work here has long been over, has been handed over to Zijin (Jiangning) technology entrepreneurship community management. By contact, Zijin (Jiang Ningji)相关的主题文章: