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MLM fraud from "offline" to "line" – Beijing – Jinling Evening News reporter Chen Fei read September 12th, WeChat issued a public platform "on rectifying model of multi-level distribution fraud" announcement, said recently that WeChat users through public number the implementation of multi echelon distribution of fraud, this mode most of the packing for new business models, innovative financial products, mutual aid, national poverty alleviation assistance program, using the chain development personnel, the formation of multi-level offline relationships, according to the number of referrals to calculate earnings or sales performance, similar to pyramid schemes. One will be found to limit the number of public functions until the permanent Title treatment. This is the announcement to us an important message, that is: we are familiar with the MLM fraud, from the "line" to "line". Lawyers advise, regardless of online and offline, as long as found to pull the head way to profit, it should be far away from the alarm. Nanjing’s first WeChat marketing case: "Asian hypnotist" was sentenced to 8 years in jail "Asia chief hypnotist" and "marketing guru", the two seem to have no relevance to the title, "wonderful" unity in Chen Zhihua’s name card. In 2013 a year, Chen Zhihua claimed to be the chief disciple of success of the master, advocating the "Asia chief hypnotist will teach you to easily" millionaire "as long as the marketing done well, 108 days to buy Benz, buy a new house for 6 months, on Rolls-Royce for 1 years, worked in the Hotel, Shanghai, Beijing Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou city in the free lectures, to promote their" WeChat marketing "mode. 329 people who have been listening to the lecture was developed into offline, and to pay him more than 461 yuan agency fees". Chen Zhihua called free lectures, is not really free, but requires participants to pay a different amount of agency fees, to become agents of different levels of WeChat marketing courses. The WeChat mobile phone software agents, publicity to the public "Chen Zhihua WeChat marketing conference, attracting more people to participate in the meeting, Chen became the new agents, defrauding others including agency fees, and the formation of Chen himself, multiple levels of the organization, the development of a new home each have royalty. Xuanwu District, Nanjing city court sentenced Chen Zhihua to 8 years imprisonment, fined 100 thousand yuan, the defendant was ordered restitution to victims of the loss of RMB 461 million yuan. Many of the "variant" through the network by means of online games, the financial development of offline MLM and other crimes involving public appearance of a large number of new variant, through the Internet, online games, with the help of financial profit through the development of offline, offline payment. How do we identify a liar? In an interview with the Jinling lawyer "special lawyer, Jiangsu lawyer Xu Chao Li Anxiang. (photo: shape of two-dimensional code and lawyer photo) means a: financial assistance, poverty assistance, etc. the user authorization induced by rolling development of subordinates. For example: MMM financial mutual platform, MMM commitment to investment income of 30% per month, recommend investors to join another $10% or so of the proceeds..相关的主题文章: